Deemed Impossible???

Well little Miss Ruby was partying for 3.5 hours in the night
and so I seized the very real opportunity to 
 spend some time praying and pondering about sharing today.
And in the dark of night,
with our little miracle squealing and shrieking
so flamboyantly that I had to close the window
concerned that our neighbors would think we’d gone wild,
I came across this Hudson Taylor quote:
I have found that there are three stages 
in every great work of God:
First, that it is impossible.
Then It is difficult.
Then It is Done.
~Hudson Taylor
When I read it, 
I felt like Hudson Taylor had actually written it for us
at this very real season in our lives.
We have a situation, that from every earthly standpoint,
Yet we are convinced that God is not only the God 
of the impossible,
He is the God that can obliterate every single 
So I share from our very personal season at this moment…

And I wonder – 

What situation are you facing that 
the world deems


Because what we’ve found is that when 
faced with a situation that is 
when we press in and trust our 
most powerful God…
We find that the situation is now 
no longer impossible,
but suddenly turns to what’s deemed 
and then suddenly God moves and 
the situation 
is accomplished

GOD cares.

He moves.

He changes hearts.

He levels bureaucracies.

He moves obstacles.

He strengthens the weary.

He stills the ‘clock’ that appears to be running out of time.

He fights our battles.

He defeats the foe.

He heals.

All because He is God
and He loves to get every bit of the honor, 
all the praise 
all the glory!!

Lord willing, one day, I will share this 
“impossible” situation
and what God did to make it “Done”.  

Jesus replied, 
“What is impossible with man 
is possible with God.”
Luke 18:27 niv

7 thoughts on “Deemed Impossible???

    1. Linny,
      I've just learned that my boy is going to be a father! He and a girl he has dated off and on are going to be parents. How I am praying that he'll reach out to me during the time. I miss my boy so much!

      Thank your for the continued prayers and encouragement!

      HE IS RISEN!!

      Happy Easter my friend!

  1. So, so true. God can move mountains. He can certainly deal with bureaucracies, no matter how obnoxious. I will pray for your 'impossible' to be made 'difficult' and your 'difficult' to end up 'done.' If God wants it to happen, it will happen. Just sometimes he makes us wait a little. Pray for patience, and continued hope.

    As for me, I feel a vocation towards a particular community of Catholic missionary sisters, but I have a medical condition that makes it look 'impossible'. Yet God is telling me that he wants me there! Well, if He wants it, He will make it so. If He does not want it, then His plan is going to be better than mine, even if I *thought* I was aligning my will to his. I must simply trust. And be patient. And continue to hope.

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