It’s Behind You…

Recently I was faced with a situation I wasn’t really looking forward to.  
Okay, so I was actually dreading it.
Like not able to sleep at night kind of dread.
I couldn’t avoid it, and it would be a poignant reminder 
of pain and who likes to 
live through pain again, am I right?
Not this chick.
Not at all.
Yet, many times, in my counseling practice I would meet with
 someone who was still plagued by something from their past. It could be 
their own self-induced painful circumstance or it could be something that 
someone else had caused.  Either way, it was their past, yet they somehow 
couldn’t manage to get past it.
Of course, it’s always easier to see this situation 
in someone else’s life, isn’t it??
When confronted with the situation recently, I had to consciously remind 
myself regularly that this past situation didn’t define me, it could no longer 
affect me, and it would be of no value to dwell on it 
and I definitely spent large doses of time talking to the Lord about it.
And then I happened upon this little saying.
Oh how I love little sayings that zing me right between the eyes!!

True enough.
The stuff behind us is just that.
It’s behind us.
Learn from it.
Talk to the Lord about it.
If you need to repent, do it.
If you need to make something right,  to
the best of your ability, do it.
But then put it where it rightfully belongs.
Behind you.
And then move on.
Moving straight ahead.
No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, 
but I focus on this one thing: 
Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,
Philippians 3:13

4 thoughts on “It’s Behind You…

  1. Thanks! this is more than helpful. Like the one someone said to me…"Don't let that person take up room space (in your head) rent free."
    As you say, still needs a lot of talking to the Lord, but a bit of short sharp wisdom is so helpful for getting a focus on the problem.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Wow, the timing of this was so cool. I woke up yesterday morning (in the WEE hours) remembering something from my far past (26 years ago to be exact) I haven't thought of in many many years. I got up and tried to find this person from my past, to make something right. I searched everywhere and couldn't find them.

    I've learned the value (in our relationship with God especially) of forgiveness. It's just a little harder at times to forgive myself. God reminded me to let go. Thank you Linny…beautifully said!

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