It Can All Wait…

As Daddy and Liberty were leaving for a meeting
last night the kids questioned,
“Mom, do you want to play Hide-n-Seek with us?”
I stared into their sweet pleading faces as all the 
things that needed tending to flashed through my mind:
the paperwork for medical stuff,
the sorting to better organize one of the cupboards,
the emails that needed to be answered,
They were all staring at me intently, awaiting a response.
And in that instant I knew what the BEST 
thing to do would be.
Allowing my face to break into a grin
I responded enthusiastically, 
All of the “stuff” could wait.
They’re growing too fast as it is.
Way, way, way too quickly.
And so we turned out the lights
and ran like wild horses around the house
chasing each other…
diving over chairs,
jumping out of the dark,
screaming with freakish joy!
A bit of the time I carried my camera to catch the most 
candid shots possible.
To preserve the memories

Don’t let Ruby’s calm demeanor fool you…
She was a wild hooligan and boy does she 
ever know how to squeal!
She loves playing chase!

How about you?

Turned off the “to do” list lately and
just ran through your home chasing your littles??

Do it today!

I just may do it again tonight
it was such giggly fun!

Why not do it tonight?

4 thoughts on “It Can All Wait…

  1. You were right,I wish I had realized this when my son was young. Often he asked, I was to tired,to busy, or promised later. He grew up so fast ,so much I missed. How I wish to go back and let other things go. To play with him whenever he asked. You see when he was 13,he came home sick. They said it was mono, then reapaitive mono. As he got worse, we took him to so many drs. Of every kind and still have no answers. We have prayer for mercy, for healing. I have spent nights in prayer, reached out to many others for prayer. He is now 21 and no better my heart aches. Still I cry out to God for healing. I was stricken with illness soon after him and still I search for help for my child. He accepted Jesus at like 15 and we prayed much for his healing. He wants to work for God but how can he stricken in bed? We know all things work for good to those who love God. However sometimes my faith is tested as what good can come of us both sick. We would love to help the children in need as we both ache for the children. My heart ached for children to love and to do substantial work for God and others. Yet what can we do from bed in sickness. I pray that you would pray for us and for our healing ,so we might be able to help others. These children are in need of love and we have much love to give. I'm so in awe of your great help to these children anf would love to be able to do some good work. Work for God and to help these dear ones. Please pray for an understanding for us,how can this be our best interest. We have faith that God knows best, but hard to understand how this can be a help for anyone. I'm not questioning God, just asking for mercy that we might be healed. So we can work for him.

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