A Simple Idea for Saving Money

The other day I mentioned something we have
been doing for many years 
to a friend of ours.
She commented, 
“Wow!! I would have never thought of that!
I’m going to have to do that next year too!”
Having a large family we have worked at figuring
out ways to live in simplicity, make our money stretch
and celebrate the holiday as the Lord desires us to.
So this happens to be one of the ways we
do all that!
Our bigs still laugh about it
and our littles are enjoying it.
But please remember, this is just what we do.

You can do whatever you wish!!
We invite you in to see how we live
as a large family and how we attempt to 
maneuver about in a world that’s gone mad
with commercialism. 
 Please be nice.
So here’s a little background on why we do
what we do, beside the aspect of saving some money.
We work very hard
{some holidays we are more successful than others}
to focus on the reason we are celebrating.
So it is with Easter.
After all, if there was no Easter,
there would be no point to any of anything 
we do and frankly my life would be 
a complete shamble. 
So for as long as we can remember 
we have chosen to shop AFTER Easter
for the 50% to 75% off candy.
We do not go hog wild.
There are many perks to this!!
One perk is that the kids know the routine
and Easter is really about Easter.
This also means there is no one
whining because they want their candy
and they want it now!!
Actually, no one is even asking when we are going to get
to the candy, because they all know there isn’t even 
any in the house!!
On Easter we actually can just simply sit on our back veranda 
and enjoy
the day together without any complications.
Then, when we are able, we shop
and buy a few sale pieces and then we hide their little buckets.
Just a few minutes ago they ran around the house
searching for their hidden bucket.
It may not be for everyone, but this tradition 
has worked really well.
And I imagine, we have saved
beaucoup buckeroos over the years!

12 thoughts on “A Simple Idea for Saving Money

  1. One year we did the egg/basket thing on the first day of spring because the "tradition" or origin of eggs and all that is really more about the arrival of spring than it is about Easter…in my humble opinion..and, yes, discount candy is still yummy!

  2. Oh my gosh! We do this too. We have church Easter morning and a family dinner in the afternoon so the kids wouldn't really have time to enjoy baskets and candy. Monday morning we buy fun stuff 50% off and plan a big egg hunt, usually for the following Saturday, everyone can come because no one has other plans. It's great.

  3. What a great idea!! I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. I guess we saved money too. I kept some sand buckets around that I picked up somewhere on some sale and then we put coloring books and stickers in them for Easter. There are so many community and church activities that send the kids home with candy and gifts, so I didn't bother doing much of it ourselves. We had a similar experience with Christmas this year – so many things to do on the calendar, and so many visits to family that I knew they would get way more than they could ever use, so I just bought them some travel entertainment (books, crayons, etc) and that was it. I probably can't pull that off every year, but we usually keep things pretty simple, regardless.

  4. I think this is great. I'd thought about doing this from a money saving point of view, but not thought about using it to help keep your focus on the reason for the season. How does this work at Christmas? Do you give presents at a later date too?

    1. No, my hubby would never stand for it!! And really, since he is the head of the home, we do presents on Christmas. However, it is a minimum…not an extravagant indulgence.

  5. Aw what a great idea! I love that! 🙂 We never really did Easter baskets but my sweet grandmother would get those Russel Stover cream filled eggs and place one at each plate at our Easter dinner table and sometimes we would have fun swapping out different flavors (my phone just tried to autocorrect the word flavors into "clackers" ha!) with each other. Then for Valentine's Day, my dad would wait until the day after when everything was on sale and buy one treat each and bring it home after work that day. Small simple things but we knew they were given in love both times and we completely enjoyed them! 🙂

  6. I've loved the way we do Easter! Such fun memories sitting around just enjoying the season! So wish we could have been there this year!! Lord willing we will be home soon!!

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