Their Faces

They once were just a file.
Now they each have a face.
Look at them!!
The adorable little girl with hydrocephalus.
The precious little guy who uses a walker.
The ever vulnerable little girl with designer genes.
The handsome little boy who is deaf.
The little one with spina bifida.
The treasure whose hands and feet don’t look
quite like everyone else.
Many different needs,
yet really only one need:

A family to say “yes” to hosting this summer. 
Just four to five weeks this July will forever
change their lives
and, no doubt, it would forever change the family’s life.
Those weeks will give them each memories
and hope!!

Memories that no one can ever take away.
Memories that will last a lifetime. 
Hope that there is a life different for them 
outside the orphanage!!
Hope because a family loved them 
in the United States.
Hope that a family they loved 
is praying for them.
Hope that someday they might 
have a family of their own.

These 12 children remain unchosen! 

-Child with spina bifida (C5)

-Child with misshaped hands and feet (C11)

-Child who is post-op Hydrocephalus (C16)
-Six year old boy who uses a walker (C67)
-Little 5-year old girl who uses a wheelchair (C76)
-Six year old boy who is deaf (C82)
-Child hosted successfully in a prior program (C91) 
-Young 5-year old boy with bowed legs (C10)
-Child with unusual walking posture (C59)
-Child with “delayed intelligence” (C64)

-Little 5-year old girl with Downs Syndrome (C22) ($1250 grant for her)

-Boy who will age out in the coming year and hopes for Colorado host family (C24)

Pictures from winter hosting:

Every picture worth a million words…
Can you imagine the joy that these special days 
meant to each of these little ones?
Hope restored!!
And sweet bloggy friends – 

You don’t have to be planning adoption, 
but willing to be a child’s #1 advocate! 
Summer dates will be late June through late July.

Personally, I have never known of a family
who once deciding to host, have not been able to
raise the funds to do so.
God’s heart is for the orphan and
He is definitely NOT a deadbeat dad.
He will provide for every single need.

For more information:

Ummm, as for me?
I’m still trying to figure out how we can take
one of these little treasures on our cross country trip
this summer.  

And by the way…

9 thoughts on “Their Faces

  1. Umm. I'm not sure how one could host and then let them go?! I get attached so fast!! Do any of these kiddos end up getting adopted by a family that hosted them?

    1. The hope and prayer is that they will find their forever families as they are hosted…whether the host family or someone in the area. I know, personally, of people who have done both. One hosted and a friend adopted. Another hosted and adopted. I have heard many stories as well. Those are just two I personally know! Do it!!

  2. Hmmmm…very tempting. I am buying a house and will have an extra room…maybe next summer! I hope they would take me as a single woman. I am a teacher and have summers "off" so this would be a good opportunity.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Linny and I do remember your post a few years back about single adoption. Just a few hours after I wrote this, I was released from my job and no longer have a position for next year. I am not sure that I am going to buy the house now. I have to decide by Thursday. I spent much time in mourning last night for my job. If anyone reading this could pray for me, I was appreciate it. I am very confused about my future.

  3. Love that #wheelchairsarentscary. Made me smile. Praying for each of these sweet children to have a forever home! "Our God is not a God of temporary but He is a God of the eternal."

  4. Hi Linny, each time I see one of these posts my heart beats a little faster and I wonder if we could do it. I think we aren't in a position to this year seeing as we don't even have an extra bedroom but I am wondering if you know anything about age requirements and/or other specific requirements got a hosting family? I can't seem to find much information, especially on age.

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