For All The Nehemiahs Out There…

In the last three years I have cried on many, many occasions as I’ve talked to the Lord, to Dw and to others asking, “How many Nehemiahs are there out there? Sweet, easy-going, caring, loving, and kind – just longing for a family. How many?”

Young boys and girls just praying for a family of their own.  Compassionate. Gentle.  Helpful.  Sympathetic to others.  Just needing a family.  That simple.

Nehemiah has brought us such tremendous joy!  His tender heart, his sweet attitude, his lovingkindness to all, his genuine care for others, such a delightful young man – we are so thankful he’s ours!!  We needed him as much as he needed us.

Of course there were minimal adjustments.  But think about it – there are adjustments in a marriage when you commit to loving someone forever whom you’ve known for usually quite some time!!  So yes, of course, there are adjustments, but basically nothing of any substance or worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things.

Nehemiah wasn’t longing for fancy clothes or a ginormous house or a private bathroom or the latest, greatest electronic gadget, he was just longing to be loved, nurtured, comforted, valued, treasured, needed, respected and most of all – wanted!

How many Nehemiahs are there out there?

No doubt there are millions!   Just longing to be part of a family!!

The other day I took Nehemiah on a Mom/Son date.  It was his turn and he was so excited.  One of the places we went was Mobility Therapy with Ruby.

The therapist had Nehemiah stand at the end of the room and call to Ruby to motivate her to press the button and move the power wheelchair toward him.

It was a beautiful scene – Ruby learning to move the wheelchair and what was equally as beautiful were the things our precious son was calling to her.  He could have just called her name!! That’s what I was expecting.  But no.  My eyes were welling as I heard soft-spoken Nehemiah tenderly calling, “Come play with me Ruby! Everyone loves you so much and everyone loves to play with you! Come on Ruby! We love you so much! Come play with me!”   

Yes, our twelve year old son, institutionalized since his abandonment, who has only been home for 3 years, was calling that to her.   No one told him to say that. He values Ruby!!  He is gentle, kind, compassionate and always so encouraging.


Ruby came to him.  Wouldn’t you?  Being called by her big brother who adores her and speaks blessing over her!!


But how many Nehemiahs are there out there?  Just waiting for their chance to be loved?

No doubt there are millions!!

And here’s three precious treasures!  All longing for the same thing – a family.  Could you be the answer to their prayers??  If not, would you pray, with us, specifically for a family for each of these three?  Would you advocate with me?  Would you speak blessing over them?   They are waiting for us to be their voice!!

Please meet some of the sweetest treasures ever:



LiBin philip2

Phillip is 11 years old.  The description of Phillip left my eyes swimming in tears.  Due to the sensitive nature of those who work with these kids, I will just say that he’s a treasure.  This handsome guy is tender, sensitive and has a deep concern for others.  His special need is CP and he does use a wheelchair.

But friends, from a mama whose home already has a wheelchair and will soon have two wheelchairs – #wheelchairsarentscary  and they definitely don’t define these treasures.   Please would you pray for a family for Phillip?

More information on Phillip, look here!!

And if you are interested in making Phillip’s dreams of a family come true, he is on the shared list and you can receive his birthdate and Chinese name by writing to:






Ruthi Joy is 13.  Her situation is urgent – she will age out in one year.  Ready for a crazy fact?  RuthiJoy has learned to make chicken wings!!  She is a cheerful giver, always willing to help with chores.  She is a hard worker and helps the other children who are less able.  She is sweet, caring, and capable.  Ruthi Joy does have epilepsy but takes medication and is doing well.  She does have some mild intellectual delays.   She would be a valuable treasure in a family.

More information about her can be found by going to:  RuthiJoy

For more information and her birthdate:



IMG_9751 Gregory 2-2015

Gregory is 13 and will age out in February 2016.  But there is time for anyone who would be willing to bring this handsome treasure home!!  Gregory is kindhearted and caring.  He lives in a group home with other boys and some awesome caregivers.  He watches out for those who are not able to sit at the table, bringing them their food and helpings of seconds.  Gregory has mild CP.

Wouldn’t it be just so much fun to bring Gregory home forever??

Here’s a blogpost about him from another advocate:  Gregory

Gregory is on the shared list and for his birthdate information to find him:


Do you see what I mean?  

There are so many Nehemiahs out there.  








Just longing desperately for a family of their own. 

Could you be their family?

Would you pray with me?

Would you advocate with me?

Would you be their Voice?

You just might be the connection for them to their forever family!!

6 thoughts on “For All The Nehemiahs Out There…

  1. Oh Linny! Tears are welling here over your sweet treasure of Nehemiah, and how there are so many sweet treasures waiting to be found who will absolutely blossom and glow in a family! Thank you for sharing these children who are in a wonderful care organization, and I look forward to seeing how God continues to use you to help these children and even more to find their families. Blessings, Erin

    1. It is my joy to advocate for these precious treasures, Erin. We pray earnestly that God will move on people’s hearts to open up their homes to be a forever family to one of these or the others waiting. The blessing they bring to a family is immeasurable. We cannot thank the Lord enough for all the precious ones we call our own.

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