Oh the Joy We’d Be Missing

I’ve often wondered what it would be like if Ruby was healed.  Or Jubilee.  And now if Pearl was healed.  Obviously there would be tremendous joy, however, if they were healed, they wouldn’t be Ruby, Jubilee or a Pearl – and it’s kinda crazy, but it feels like we would miss them so much!!  Ya’ know.  The way they are.

It might be hard to imagine, but our lives are so much richer with Ruby just the way she is.  And our lives are so much fun with our Jubilee.  And now with Pearl, she’s already brought us so much joy!!  Each of our three girls has such splendor over the simplest things.  IMG_7796


IMG_7808And Dw and I are convinced that if every family had a Pearl orJubilee or a Ruby the world would be a much sweeter place.  A much gentler people would walk about.  A much greater sense of appreciation for others.  A slower pace.  The kind that people tell us when they say we ought to “Stop and Smell the Roses”….

Here’s to the joy of uniquely designed treasures made in the image of our Great God.  He loves them each fiercely.  I pray that if you don’t have a Ruby, a Pearl or a Jubilee up close, God moves one into your life.  Cause in our humble opinion, you are really missing some sweet unfiltered joy!!  Your life would be so much richer because of the infinite value they add to each day.


Over here we are celebrating World Down Syndrome Day!!

We are ever so thankful that our three girls lives were spared  and that God in His great love allowed them to be ours.  Forever grateful.

18 thoughts on “Oh the Joy We’d Be Missing

  1. I have an adult cousin with Down Syndrome. And while I haven’t seen her in many years, she has made a lasting impression on my life for the better. I think every family should have a Pearl, a Ruby of Jubilee; their lives would most definitely be the richer! Still praying and waiting on the Lord to soften a certain someone’s heart toward adoption (thinking I may need to add in some fasting!)…because who wouldn’t want a richer/more joyful life!! 😉 So thankful for your family, Linny, and the impression each of you have made on my heart as well. Continued prayers for your beautiful dance!!

    1. So true!! I love that your cousin spoke into your life!! And I pray that one day {after you fast 😉 } a certain you-know-who comes up with an amazing idea {we’ll let him think it was his!!}. xo

  2. We have one of those too! One that no matter who I meet says, “Oh, you are Isaac’s mom, we love Isaac!” No matter where or what the circumstances are, he brings laughter (Isaac means laughter) and a smile to everyone one he meets! Even though times can be hard with him, God still brings us the joy that only Isaac can give. We are blessed to have him in our lives! Thanks for posting. Love the pictures of your girls.

  3. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to people about adopting children with special needs. Our daughter has the same need as Jubliee. They comment on how wonderful it would be if Jonalyn was healed, if she could be “normal”. It’s made me think. If I could give her a pill and make her just like me, would I? Honestly, no. She wouldn’t be my sweet, silly, giggling, happy, loving, caring girl. I’m grateful she is who she is. It’s enough for me to know that, when I get to heaven, I can sit down with her and have an eternity of conversations with her. Blessings to you all.

  4. My mom and dad help with a local group called Project Promise. They are “a faith based ministry that works to create community with people of all abilities”. Each year Project Promise performs an Easter Pageant. The majority of the actors are people with special needs. (Jesus is played by a man who has Downs Syndrome!) I love hearing the stories that come out of the group. Some are so tender and sweet and some just make you laugh out loud. Is it ok if I share a couple of my favorites from just this past weekend? =)
    At one of the practices, Emily, the lady who played Mary Magdalene, left the stage after her scene of seeing that the tomb was empty and Jesus was alive. One of the leaders found her backstage crying and wondered what was wrong. She told him that it was just so real. =’)
    Then during the performance, Linda played another of the ladies who went to the tomb and saw that it was empty and later went to the house where the disciples were staying to share the good news. When the ladies walked into the room with the disciples, Linda announced with an “I know something you don’t know” sing-song voice, “I saw an angel!” It was too cute!
    I am so blessed to have these special people as friends!!!

    1. Beautiful stories Lonni!! I love that you get to love the precious treasures around you! And I love the Project Promise mission! Thank you for sharing and thank you for valuing such wonderful human beings – your life is so much richer – no doubt!

  5. After twelve years of teaching, I thought I had had my share of students with special needs. I felt that I had it all figured out. Then there was my new student. A 13 year old girl, bigger than me, that was born with an extra chromosome, autistic and nonverbal. I saw her “labels” and was worried what I would do with her in an art class (without a para and many other students in the room) when all she could do at that point was draw repetitive lines. She flipped my world upside down, forced me to be a more creative teacher, and inspired my artwork. Even now, two years later, I’m so thankful for having her as a student! (Yes, I kept some of her artwork to remind me of the unlocked potential and beauty in the world when I have a difficult day!)

  6. Oh Linny you are so right! I am a special education teaching assistant in an early childhood program. I love my little special people! They are so precious, they make my heart smile and I am so thankful God placed me in this job! My little loves bring so much joy and when they master a task my heart rejoices!!

  7. They are such bright blessings! And I love seeing the smiles on Miss Pearl’s face now. 🙂 Seeing what love can do.

  8. Our Susu is a blessing to our family. She loves acting, dancing, old musical movies, clowns, and holding large yucky bugs like tarantulas and Madagascar hissing cockroaches. She is a girl who knows what she likes and doesn’t (wearing dresses) and she has a funny sense of humor.

  9. A while back I injured my finger and it set off a systemic health issue. I could barely touch anything for months and lost strength during that time of idleness. I had previously read your blog for a year or two, but when my hands hurt so bad I rarely used my tablet. Anyway, a few months ago I began having muscle contractions along with other issues and just last week was put on a gluten and dairy free diet. I remembered your blog’s name and here I am, catching up on the wonderful excitement in your lives!! Didn’t you have severe issues that went away when you stopped eating gluten? Thanks, and I will continue to pray for your precious family!! Jenny

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