The Smiles

Today was a long, long day, but there were a few sweet baby steps which make us want to throw a party!!  Go ahead have that extra dish of ice cream on us – we’re celebrating Pearl Bonnie!!

Yesterday after getting Pearl, she just was not a fan.  So at supper I fed her.  It was pretty funny.  She would not turn toward me, yet she was hungry and opened her mouth with each bite…sitting perfectly still and stiff, facing straight ahead.  We giggled, she was not about to let on like she might like me.  No way.  No how.

Earning trust has to be intentional and sometimes it takes weeks and even months.  But adoption is so intricate and wewe have to be in it for the long haul…and sometimes it happens rather quickly, other times it’s one step forward, 3 back.




After dinner I bathed her and then she played for about 45 minutes on the bed with a little blanket…at one point a little smile appeared.  My heart leapt! IMG_7646

IMG_7639This morning I shifted gears a bit.

Pearly and I had to go to have her adoption finalized and to another office, which had 6 flights of stairs so we were advised not to take Vernon.  Liberty, of course, stayed with him.   I decided to double my efforts and took on my lap to eat.  She seemed to think that was okay, I mean, who wouldn’t?  Food was involved.

IMG_8697 After a rush breakfast, it was time to go to finalize her adoption!

Other than that arching her back thing while crying loudly the second I left our room, to the elevator,  wailing as the elevator stopped at different floors and continuing her public announcement that she was not happy, as she and I walked up to the group…yeah, that thing…  She’s done amazing.

I’m really thinking Pearl’s wailing was all a cover-up for the joy she’s really feeling.  She’s probably one of those girls who’s reasoning, “I do not want my mommy to think that I’m excited to be out with her alone!”  Totally.

She actually played the entire time to and from the city {2.5 hours each way} that she was born in as we went for her passport appointment – Liberty had her giggling.  It was soooo precious.

This girl…she even says something as she puts the phone to her ear… IMG_8709

No doubt – she’s a perfect fit!



22 thoughts on “The Smiles

    1. I’ve had more tears than I can count here. We have been so blessed. I feel sad for people who for one reason or another don’t know the beautiful joy of adoption in their own family. It is such a miraculous thing! I hate for anyone to miss it.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing each step of this wonderful journey. Always love reading about the adventures and enjoy your honesty . God be with you on this last part of the journey home

  2. Linny, that picture of Pearl on your lap…..PRICELESS!!!!
    Keep at it…baby steps are the perfect pace for this little pumpkin.
    She’s beautiful and clearly a perfect fit for your family.


  3. I’m loving the headbands. If she’s leaving them on, I’m betting she’s a girly girl. Too cute! And yeah for food….the love language for all! (says the mom who just surprised her newest Chinese love with noodles for lunch)

    1. Liberty has been doing her hair and she is content as she does whatever many times day!! And she’s wearing the headbands no problem. I’m guessing we DO have a girly-girl. Please update the church on this joyous journey!! Will try to send an email soon!! xo

  4. Loving all the precious photos of your adventures. Thinking about you a lot.
    I am already praying for your flights. not just the up and down which I hope doesn’t happen, but the reactions from a little one in a strange situation.
    Lots of love and prayers,
    Sandy in the UK

  5. Oh, that last picture! I just know she and Miss Ruby are gonna have SO much fun together! I see lots of giggles and scheming in your future, Miss Linny!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I think she and Ruby are going to be best buds!! This little Pearl is so peaceful. She played contentedly with a pile of cotton balls for probably an hour last night. Such a dolly.

  6. Miss Pearl Bonnie is so adorable! Hopefully it won’t take too long for her to learn what so many of us already know. Her mama is pretty amazing!

  7. Sigh. What a day. You are such a Mommy! I can’t even describe what all of this does to my heart. I’m sure and certain Pearl is right where she is supposed to be. And, it sounds like you’ve got a tiger by the tail! Perfect!

    1. Okay, so the “You’ve got a tiger by the tail” made me laugh out loud. Pearl’s precious and each day we are seeing glimpses of her trusting me. She will. Sometimes it just takes awhile!

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