Vernon’s True “Special Need”

I know you’ve heard me say it before, but it’s true.  The only true Special Need any orphan has is the need of a family.  Everything else can be figured out like wheelchair ramps, handicap accessible everything and yes, sometimes it takes time to figure it out, but God always provide!!


Crazy as it sounds, I’m thinking “He always provides” might have something to do with just how much He longs for every, single orphan to be in a home.  I mean why wouldn’t He provide??


Just a few minutes ago I captured a scene that has been happening over and over since bringing our Vernon home – although it’s evolved a bit to much more comfortable as he has come to know just how much his daddy loves him.  You know – the daddy Vernon has longed for for the last almost 14 years!!

It was windy so I’m sorry the sound is a tad bit off, but none-the-less you will see what I have the joy of watching…

For the record, Vernon has no idea about the blog world, YouTube or the internet so this was life, raw and real as it unfolds…and yes, this is exactly what happens each time Dw puts him in the van….start to finish….too comical and adorable and sweet and endearing not to capture….

It’s seriously, the best in my world.  Oh the love of a precious daddy…answering the longtime prayers of a precious young boy. We are so smitten!!

And seriously friends, #wheelchairsarentscary

13 thoughts on “Vernon’s True “Special Need”

  1. This looks so familiar. Like watching Scott lift Kathryn into her seat, except she giggles louder. 🙂 We have to keep our men strong and young!

  2. This is so precious, and I love that Vernon feels safe enough to teasingly pat DW’s head. He’s got a real sense of humor! Love watching these two newbs assimilate into your family. and that picture of you and PearlyBee is sooooo completely adorable.

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