There He Goes…Answering – Again!

In China, after Vernon told me through the translator app that he had dreamed of people jumping up and down at the airport I began to pray that the airport crowd would fill his heart with joy, making his dreams come true.  I mean.  How could we not want this guy of ours heart filled with overflowing joy?

I also began to pray that God would provide someone to take pictures that would capture the moments.   I didn’t share my request with anyone, I just tried to think of someone that could do it for us.  I couldn’t think of anyone.  And as faithful God would have it, little did I know that my dear friend Rebecca was working behind the scenes contacting photographers in Phoenix, asking if anyone would want to volunteer their time and talent to come to the airport and capture our monumental event.

Imagine the joy when we found out that a precious photographer, Toni of Evolve Photography, had said she would!!  I was giddy! Seriously.  Giddy.  As it turns out Toni is an amazing person with beautiful talent, capturing the moments with such artistry. If you know of anyone in the Phoenix area who needs a photographer, Toni’s the woman you need!

Many have asked about the airport photos, and Toni has posted a link to the pictures…I know I’m partial, but they are amazing!! Pictures of our family, our pastors, our friends….See for yourself!   Vernon and Pearl come home!!

Well after the airport, Toni contact us and asked if she could take our first family photos!? Oh my gracious! Can you guys believe that?  I told her that Liberty was leaving in 6 days for a three month internship at The Gem Foundation.  And as the Lord would have it, Toni had an opening before Liberty left and we met up at a local park for family photos…here’s one from the pile she took that day…{more coming soon}…

And as you can see…Miss PearlyBee loves Mommy finally…and Mommy sure love our precious littlest jewel…

12513720_1873421219551279_9117959174238857437_o (1)In our Memorial Box we will put a picture Toni took, reminding us that the Lord loves to answer our prayers, even when we couldn’t imagine how He is going to do that.

18 thoughts on “There He Goes…Answering – Again!

  1. I love to hear about answered prayers!!! It reminds me to pray and pray and talk to my Lord about all things big and small. Your family is a blessing and inspiration!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness… those photos are wonderful!! Vernon’s face truly says it all! When did Elizabeth get so grown up looking? And Jubilee too – she’s gorgeous, and I hope she knows that!! ALL of your kids are!!

    That said… my absolute most favorite photo? The black and white of you kissing Miss Ruby. Melt my heart!!!

  3. Goodness that post should have come with a warning: Tissue Required!! What stunningly beautiful photos to capture that special-beyond-words moment in time. I can only imagine how incredibly giddy everyone in attendance was. And I absolutely love the way you’re watching Vernon…savoring the joy in the moment of seeing his dream fulfilled!! I praise Jesus for answered prayers!! Thank you for sharing your family’s precious moments with us, Linny!!

  4. All those beautiful smiles say it all!!! Love has no language barrier. Crying here, happy tears.
    May God continue to bless you all Mightily!

    1. Isn’t Pearl precious? I am so smitten. Her smile is the best!! And so happy that she finally likes me!!

      I’m also grieved to tell you that just about the day I landed with our two new treasures, little Eisley went to meet Jesus. So very heartbreaking – literally. Prayers for her family would be deeply appreciated.

      1. Will do. It was around that time, too, that my cousins had to say good-bye in this life to their four-year-old Treasure, Khloe. She had hydrocephalus among many other medical complications, but will be remembered mostly for her joy in life and for her sassy personality. Life just hurts sometimes.

  5. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I’m so thankful that Vernon’s dream came true and there was a crowd to cheer and welcome him at the airport. When I see the joy bubbling out of him, I can’t help but grin also. It is also so wonderful to see the smiles on Miss Pearl’s face. I pray that the dance will just get better and better.

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! I just cried my eyes out! Continually praying for your family!

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