The Spirit of the Young Living Foundation Award

Last night was such a blessing.   I stood and thought about what God must have done to orchestrate such an honor.

Not kidding, just dressing up in an evening gown was kinda’ really special!


I am grateful for each of you who prayed. I love public speaking and sharing God’s heart for each of us as well as His heart for the orphan, special needs treasures and adoption.

In fact speaking of speaking, over the last couple of years I have been asked on several occasions to come speak at various adoption/orphan conferences. I pray and seek if the timing is right and I think I’ve turn down at least four opportunities in the last couple of years. BUT, I am actually going to speak at the Passion for Orphans conference outside Denver September 23rd -25th.   I would love to meet some of you if you are able.  The details can be found here!!

Anyway, just before going up to receive the award I was told that they were consolidating the evening and I would only be allowed to talk for a minute. [Say what?]  I’m chuckling as I type. Only a minute to give God the glory and to challenge people to care for the orphan?  That sounded like I should have taken a course in speed talking!!


It sounded impossible, especially since I would have a microphone and a large audience. Ha!


As I sat and prayed, asking the Lord to help me make that minute count, He brought to mind one verse that kind of sums it up for each of us living in some of the most prosperous lands in our world:

“To whom much has been given, much will be required.”

So after being presented the award I spoke and thanked the Lord first for this honor, and the others who made it possible. I mentioned the joy of our Ruby (as her before picture and current picture were shown on the giant screens).


And then I challenged each with the reality that with greater resources comes greater responsibility, reminding each that the orphans around the world need our attention and that relying on someone else to meet that need would be wrong. We have to help personally.

I might have taken a speck more than a minute. (smile) I really tried!!


The people I met throughout the time there were so very kind. The team I am part of is the best!! Special thanks to all of them: Shelby, Connie, Renee and Mark, Kim, Kristen, Sarah, Abi, Emmy, Amy, Luann, Laura, Corinne, Kacie, Candis, Rebecca, Renee, EmmaAnne, Kim, Laura, Shari, Janny, Sarah and Sarah.  They are all just wonderful people.


Now I am typing from 35,000 feet somewhere between Salt Lake City and Phoenix. Dw and I were talking and realized that the last time we flew on the same plane without kids was when I was pregnant with Abi!!


Good gracious – that was 34 years ago!! And sadly, I didn’t check in early enough and we aren’t even sitting together this trip home!

Consistent with our personalities, he’s busy chatting with the man beside him and I’m chatting with you, my sweet friends around the world. Thank you again for sharing my joy and thank you for praying for the words I would share.

You, my friends, are amazing!! xo

10 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Young Living Foundation Award

  1. Linny, I scoured Facebook today and got to see everything up until the pint of when you spoke. I was SOOO bummed. My upline was super encouraged by you though ❤️❤️ So awesome that you were able to speak such a great message. Hugs from Maine.

    1. I guess there was a glimpse of me a couple times in the “recap” of the convention…but not me speaking. But I think it’s precious that you scoured looking for it. Thank for blessing me so.

  2. You are an amazing lady!!!! I so love following your blog and learning from you. Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Praise to God that you guys were obedient and took that first step and have share light to others regarding adoption. God bless you!!!

  4. No doubt the Lord will do might things with that speck more than a minute!! 😉 Love your heart for Him and the orphan, sweet Linny!!

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