Divine Encounters

It’s often mind-boggling to even see a glimpse of how God works behind the scenes.

I firmly believe that He does crazy things to remind us that He’s attentive, He’s always working and He’s just so stinkin’ crazy-in-love with us!!

This is a beautiful story of His behind-the-scenes work.

About 18 months ago, in January 2015, Dw and Liberty were in Uganda together with an IVO GO team serving the orphans.

It was a Sunday and as the kids and I left church, I mentioned that we needed to stop for a few things. Since there was a Costco between church and home, I decided we would go there. Of course, the kids are always up for Costco because of the samples! (Who isn’t, right?)


Having encountered a grumpy sample-giver every now and then, we have a regular routine. The kids stand nearby, while I get samples for each. Obviously, with a pile of treasures, there are days when I have to make a couple of trips.

So this particular sample I had handed a few of the kids their samples and when I went to get more I found a little line. No problem, I just got in line behind a cute couple waiting their turn.

As I went to get in line they turned and said, “You can go in front of us!” I thanked them for their kindness, but assured them that I was fine, the kids were fine and it was no biggie. But they insisted. I never, ever want people to see our large family as a nuisance so I thanked them again and smiling assured them it was no problem.

They insisted again and so I moved in front of them. It was then that the young man said, “Your family reminds me of mine. I have several adopted brothers and sisters.”

Well that was all I needed to hear and we almost became BFFs as we talked back and forth. It turned out that he was a teacher in Phoenix and this beautiful young woman next to him was his fiancé and she was finishing up her last year at Grand Canyon University! Wow!

They both knew Jesus and the conversation was just so warm for my soul. I just adored them. They were the kind that I would have been happy to say, “Come home with me. Hang out. You guys are just so precious.”

As I got the samples, I hated to say good-bye to them. Some days are long and some times it’s just nice to have someone to visit with about things that are sweet.

As we parted ways my soul was definitely uplifted. They were just what I needed that day, even though I hadn’t even realized it. I kind of floated as I shopped now. They had just been such an encouragement.


The kids and I continued shopping and as I was reaching into the freezer section for the frozen broccoli, suddenly this same sweet girl appeared beside me. She said, “I just have to give you this.” She pressed some money in my hand. I argued with her but again, she insisted, saying that she knew the Lord wanted her to do it.

What she didn’t know was that she was meeting a very real need in providing for us that generous gift – and ohmygracious(!) she was a college student!! I was beyond humbled.

Anyway, at that point, I knew I couldn’t just let this uplifting couple go.  I questioned, “You guys live far from family, do you think you would ever want to come over, have dinner and hang out at our home?”

Both Josh and Katie eagerly said they would love to come hang out and have dinner! I gave her my email address. She assured me that she would contact me.

As I had talked to them I felt so strongly like they just really needed to meet Graham and Savannah.

Within a few hours there was an email from Katie. I smiled. I was so thankful that she had already contacted me.

I wrote her back and said, “I am about to have a surprise party for my husband. I know you don’t know him or me really, but would you guys want to come? Our son will be there with his wife and I just really want you two couples to meet.  I think you guys would be amazing friends!”


She wrote that they would love to. I told her it would also be so fun for Dw, upon watching our friends yell “Surprise!” scan the crowd and stop and stare and wonder who they were.

(Which, as it turns out is exactly what happened. About 35 people were yelling “Surprise!!” in our foyer as we came home from a Hope Kids event and he was so stunned that he actually fell on his knees. When he picked himself up, he started smiling and calling hello as he scanned the crowd from left to right. Josh and Katie were more toward the right and they said as he got to them, he stopped and stared…his words later, “My mind was reeling wondering who these two smiling young adults were?” Hahaha!}

Anyway, Josh and Katie met Graham and Savannah and instantly became fast friends. They began hanging out together as couples and eventually Josh even asked Graham to be in his wedding (which he was!) These two young couples have made countless memories together already!

What’s interesting is that the very Sunday morning church service before the Costco meeting Josh and Katie said that their pastor had encouraged the church to be intentional when they are out and about. Look for people that could be divine encounters, knowing that the Lord is always at work.  How cool is that??11942154_10154137568199027_6798880737131815192_o

Last week when I flew to Salt Lake, I had several divine encounters (I hope to share more later). When Dw arrived, we also had more!

This week we are loading up for a long-awaited trip across country to the old homeplace. We are already praying for the people we will meet and that God would place in our path those who He would intend for His purposes….whether ministry, friendship or just a sweet blessing. I encourage you to do the same.

Make your travels near and far count!! xo

20 thoughts on “Divine Encounters

  1. I love seeing how God orchestrates and weaves lives together! I call these sweet encounters Divine Appointments 🙂

  2. By old home place I hope you mean Perry! I would love to have coffee with you and do a catch-up for the paper. I think of your family (and pray for them) often and am excited to read each update!

    1. YES!! I miss Perry so much and have watched, via the web, some of our favorite homes in the area go up for sale {and subsequently be sold}….longing to be back there. And that’s so funny Mary but I was actually wondering if you would want to have coffee?? I totally enjoyed our time together!! Let’s do it!! I still have your cell and will message you as we get closer. We’re not sure our route, but will begin our journey on Saturday after we pick Liberty up from camp!! Yay! So excited!!

  3. If you are headed through Denver and need Anything, let me know. I am so thankful for you, your family, and your love for Jesus amd others!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Next week I’ll be going to Ch*na for the summer. I can’t wait to see many dear friends there, who are like my extended family. Thank you for the reminder to also be on the lookout for divine encounters!

    1. I am so excited you are headed to one of our favorite countries!! I pray that you have divine encounters from the moment you get into the first airport!! He is so faithful!! SO many people need to hear about Jesus – seize the opportunity!!

  5. Linny Lee as you have been blessed by Katie and Josh, my husband and I have been blessed by Graham and Savannah. They are one of the most intentional, Jesus loving couples I have met. When they came to Spokane for the wedding they fit in with the family like they had been apart of all our lives for years. Stepping in and melding with the extended family and friends that was here. I can’t count all the times I would find them filling in where I never thought to ask. Thank you for loving my girl and Josh through a tough year away from family .
    I will be praying for you and your wonderful gang to see the divine intervention the Lord has for you on your vacation.
    Blessings, Marcia White- proudly Katie’s Mom

    1. Thank you Marcia. Your Josh and Katie are such blessings and it was wonderful to watch that divine encounter flourish into one of the sweetest friendships ever. Such beautiful moments in the body of Christ!! I am giddy at what God has in store this trip to the Home Place. It is the highlight of our year each year!

  6. If you will be near Philadlephia I’d love to meet up for coffee or whatever you have time for. You’ve been such an incredible blessing to me, I’d love to give you a hug.

  7. I feel this way all the time! I love looking for what the Lord is up to on any given day. I have met the most amazing people this way! These grace gifts are the best!

    1. I know you see these all the time – you guys are some of the most intentional people I know. Which gave me an idea…oh dear…so many ideas…so little time…well the Lord knows!

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