“Crazy Day”

Our 2016 trip to our Home Place began yesterday!!  Dw and I both commented that it seemed to be our fastest trip ever to Durango, Colorado – we made amazing time!!

We are staying at the same hotel we stayed at after we lost our home to the fire.  I can’t remember how many weeks we lived here but do remember that we celebrated Elijah, Isaiah and Graham’s birthdays all in the hotel…so maybe 7 weeks or so?

Autumn and Everlly got to the hotel just about the same time as we did.


It was such a joy to introduce her to her littlest sister and another brother!! Vern was beaming from ear to ear.

A  couple of friends stopped by the hotel to hang out for a while.  So sweet to see old friends!!

I had wondered what Birdie would think of her niece Everlly.  Well they loved each other from the get-go.  Jumping on the bed was their favorite in between laying under the covers together.

Ruby was on the other bed sleeping.  Of course I have to battle sadness at times like this…wishing so much she could jump right along with them. After all – jumping on the bed is a childhood must.  Actually, who am I kidding?  It may or may not be an adult must.  In my world it is.


After a nap, Ruby woke and almost instantly Birdie climbed up on the bed beside her and leaned over and, unprompted, gently kissed Ruby’s cheek.  I have to think Birdie wishes Ruby was jumping with her and Everlly too!


Eventually headed to dinner at our favorite BBQ place.

After a wonderfully delightful day we were back at the hotel…the kids were so wound up.

Vern said, “Mom! Today?  Crazy Day.  Tonight?  Very crazy day!”  He was laughing.  I’d say it’s safe to say he’s a fan of road trippin’.

Then they all laid down like perfect little children and went to sleep.


Actually they were so stinkin’ rowdy I told Dw I thought a Melatonin Milkshake would be a nice treat for all of them.

The night before I’d finished packing and headed to bed about 1:30am.  I was up before 5 to get on the road…so I was so ready for bed.

But eventually they went to sleep (without the melatonin shake) and so did we.

And here’s a little video for your enjoyment pleasure…

Happy Friday to you!!




9 thoughts on ““Crazy Day”

  1. Can’t believe how big little Everly is getting! Her light hair and dark eyes are such a pretty combo! So glad Vern and Pearl are finally getting to meet more siblings. So fun. 🙂

    1. Everlly turns 2 tomorrow!! Can you believe it?? She’s so adorable…and is talking so well. Autumn is such a good mommy – so fun to watch!! And we are thrilled that they have now met 11 of their siblings!! 2 to go!!

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