Two Amazing Not to Share!!

Not sure what the deal is, but my eyes have been leaking all day long.  Seriously, I can’t talk without my voice cracking and the tears dripping.  What in the world?

And then I saw my friend Megan’s adoption video.  Megan and I just hung out talking a few weeks ago while we were in NY.  Her husband is an assistant pastor at my cousin’s church…their family is precious …and they are passionate about orphan care…


Today they met their 11 year old daughter, Fen, in China …and this video is just too amazing not to share!  Here’s what they wrote after the video below hit the web and suddenly there are hundreds and hundreds of shares…

It’s completely mind blowing to me that Fen has gone unnoticed in this world for 11 years and now in the last few hours — thanks especially to all the love and shares of her “gotcha video” — she has been adored by thousands. I can’t express how honored we are to be the ones chosen to introduce the world to this amazing girl. I’m not sure the world is ready for the abundant LIFE and JOY and PASSION and PERSONALITY wrapped up in this BEAUTIfUL package that has sat unopened for 11 years. She is absolutely a Foster. I can’t help but think of how many other FEN-omenal children are still dreaming of families every night. Friends, adoption is NOT as easy as these pictures make it look, and it is not the only answer to the orphan crisis. But when we step into God’s heart together, as you all have with us for Fen, it’s amazing what He enables us to do! Dream big, like FEN! So here you go world, feast on Fen today. You might as well get to know her now, because she LOVES LOUD and will make a big splash wherever she goes. I couldn’t even narrow down the pics any further than this, so take some time and enjoy and don’t forget about the 140 million others longing to be in someone’s picture some day (not counting those marginalized kids in our own neighborhoods waiting for someone to love them louder). ‪#‎ariseforfen‬ ‪#‎lonelyintofamily‬ ‪#‎ps68‬

And then did you happen to see the story about Olympian Michael Phelps?


Picture credit:  To Save a Life

What’s completely crazy is that just this morning, while watching the morning news I saw Michael Phelps receiving his medal and I thought, “His countenance looks different.  He looks at peace.  More handsome than ever.”  And then I saw the article.  Did you see it?

Michael Phelps said he was a train wreck, contemplating suicide, until a friend handed him this book.  The story is a credit to our faithful God who works the night shift to woo everyone to Himself.  Praise the name of the Lord for the willingness of Phelps’ friend to lead him to Christ!!

And the tears just won’t stop – faithful, faithful God.


8 thoughts on “Two Amazing Not to Share!!

  1. I saw this video earlier today when Amy Shaw shared it on FB. My comment was, “And this is why I will not stop asking G-d to change my husband’s heart.”

  2. Leaky eyes here too! Oh my goodness that video makes me long to experience that personally all the more! And I had not heard that about Michael Phelps! Praising God for lives changed by the love of Christ!

  3. God is so good!! What a blessing sweet Fen is to her new family and to thousands around the world!

    I saw the video last evening and teared up! How neat to learn today that her name is Fen as that is my DD’s name too! When adopted she was Xiao Fen so I kept that very important piece of her beginnings and XiaoFen is her middle name now.

    Thank you for sharing this! So excited that you will be able to meet this amazing bundle of love in person next year!

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