For Almost 5 Years I’ve Waited and Wondered…

Last week was a wash….trying to get caught up after being gone a month as well as getting prepared for one of our treasures to have some extensive surgery this week.

But in the midst of it all, I have some really joyous news to share!!


For those who have read Rescuing Ruby, you understand just how medically fragile Ruby really was (and still is!).  Her life hung in the balance.  Medical experts gave little hope for anything…but, no doubt, our powerful God had some very miraculous other plans in store!

After bringing her home and as the days passed while caring for her, I often wondered what the future would look like.  Of course we knew that she would always be medically fragile, need to live in close proximity to Children’s Hospital and be another one of our “lifers”, but what would life really look like?? I mean medical experts had said she would likely just live propped in a corner unable to communicate or express anything.

It wasn’t long after bringing her home though that I discovered that Ruby was very aware of life going on around her and that she definitely wanted to communicate with us!!


But one of the things in particular that would occasionally cross my mind was this:  Would Ruby ever initiate affection?  Would she ever be able to tell us that she loved us in some way?

Well although a quadriplegic, Ruby explores her world with her left foot.  In fact she’s totally a physical touch girl!  Over time it became apparent that Ruby’s way of showing she likes or loves you is to stroke your leg or arm with her left foot!!

In fact riding to the home place in New York I glanced back and found her like this.  I’m pretty sure she was saying, “Sissy! I’m so happy you’re home from Africa.  You’ve been gone so long!!  I sure love you so much!”


It’s been almost five years since Emma and I left for Africa to bring her home.  Ruby has made such incredibly significant strides in her communication that everyone who knows her is astounded.

And now, finally(!) my wondering was realized… a most monumental event occurred while we were at the home place!!

Ruby was laying on the floor and I was kind of over top of her on my knees playing with her.  We both were laughing, clearly enjoying the moment…suddenly Ruby’s face turned so completely serious that it took me by surprise.  In fact, for a split second,  I wondered what could possibly be wrong!

Instantly, completely on her own, with the most serious, purposeful look on her face she reached and kind of grabbed my left ear and hair….at that moment I was thinking, “What are you doing Ru?” And in one motion she pulled me to herself and kissed me!!

I became overwhelmed with emotion!  She demonstrated she loves me!! I’m still giddy just writing about it!

Last night I tried to replicate it although the element of spontaneity was unable to be duplicated…yet you get the idea…

And look at just how serious she becomes when she’s about to kiss me…(just like that first time!).

Last night I texted the video to Ruby’s neurosurgeon.  (Of course he gave me his cell,  I mean after all, Ruby *is* his favorite!!) The first line in his immediate reply:  “Oh she is so amazing!…”

Yes indeed, our God is miraculous and Ruby’s continued healing is beyond amazing!

30 thoughts on “For Almost 5 Years I’ve Waited and Wondered…

  1. I love this the mostest! I ask myself these same questions every day for our special girls. I pray that one day they will be able to communicate their desires, emotions and love also. What a blessing!

  2. Not gonna be able to wipe this smile off my face for days!! Such a precious moment, even without the element of surprise. 😍 And seriously, for the life of me, I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years!! Wow!! Can you even begin to imagine what God will do in and through precious Ruby in the course of another 5 years?! I. Can’t. Wait!! Praise Him!!

  3. Love this! She’s amazing! I remember the first time Isaac hugged me on his own accord. It was a little over a year after we brought him home. Most precious gift. I’ll never forget it.

  4. Five years.
    Worth every single minute!!
    Now that kiss belongs on a screen in a stadium somewhere. Precious and heart warming!!!!


    1. Oh!! IF ONLY!!! Her story is one that is undeniably GOD and it would be so wonderful to have the entire world know just how powerful our God is and just how much He loves the broken-bodied orphan!! I love it!

  5. All that purpose through eyes that you were told “were totally blind”; we know better! God is being so faithful in healing her, and I am so joyful that mama finally got kisses! She will just keep on being a loving, amazing miracle every day, recovering more and more! Love this!

    1. Oh such a good point! We are so used to Ruby’s vision and how well she sees that I forgot to point out to her fan club to notice it!! So glad you pointed it out!! Isn’t it just crazy-amazing??

  6. Oh how beautiful! Tears of joy and thankfulness here!! God is SO good!!! You are such an amazing Mommy Linny! What a precious gift from Him this kiss is!!

    1. Isn’t it just the best?? Seriously I have been giddy since she did it. And the thing was I had not been kissing her or asking for a kiss. I was just playing with her and laughing and I’m sure I was kissing her in there too, but not making it intentional…so it was so unprompted and wonderful!! Thank you for sharing our joy!!

    1. What a precious thing to see – a comment from you! Yes, Mitch it is such a testament to our AMAZING GOD – He is soooo faithful and His love for each of us, including the broken bodied orphan is spectacular!! We love you guys!! And thank you for loving Ruby!!

  7. So beautiful!! As an adoptive mom of kiddos who come from a background of trauma, there is nothing more beautiful than when they initiate affection toward you for the first time.

  8. Linny, thank you for sharing this! I DO think your joy reflects the joy that Daddy God has when we kiss Him. What affectionate love He has for us! What favor we live, breathe and walk in! Thank you for your unique way of teaching us about God’s love! Ruby is His jewel and He sparkles through her; thank you for setting her in the light of social media for us to see Him and rejoice!

  9. What a priceless, beautiful moment! I’m so thrilled, for Ruby, for ALL of you and for us to witness the mighty hand of our Creator, Sustainer, and Healer working yet another wonder in sweet Ruby. More glory to His holy, holy, holy name! We praise you, God!

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