We’re down at Children’s and this sweet chica is heading into the OR in a few minutes.

I think this is the most difficult part of being a mom of many with medical needs.  It’s just so hard.  I’m thankful for God’s grace, but it doesn’t mean it’s fun or easy.

Because of Jubilee’s needs, surgery is necessitated today.  Yesterday she had a sedated MRI in preparation for the surgery.  We have found an amazing anesthesiologist who allows me to go in with each of the kids until they are fully asleep.  I joked with him yesterday that I’m going to have to put him on retainer.  He’s been with us as several have had their surgeries and I’ve now actually changed surgery dates so we are sure to have him!!  He’s an amazing answer to prayer!

Anyway, Jubilee has had so many surgeries, I’ve actually lost count.  She’s been a trooper, but I have to prepare her for weeks ahead of time or I’d literally have to carry her kicking, flailing and screaming at the top of her lungs to the car just to go to the hospital.  Then we’d probably have to bring the anesthesiologist out to the car to get her into the building.

Soooo, deciding to pass on that lively alternative, we’ve found in our family it just works best to be completely honest about it all…in this case, to prepare her for what’s ahead, including that the recovery for this particular surgery is slow and rumor has it the recovery is painful for months. Her understanding is limited, so we’ve gone over and over and over what’s going to happen and why.  She still doesn’t quite understand, but she’s figured out she’s not a fan of this idea.

At the moment she’s sitting beside me in her hospital gown and keeps turning to me with those big beautiful, finally trusting eyes, asking in her dreading-every-bit-of-it soft voice, “Why mom? (pause) Why?”

Ugh.  It’s killin’ me.

Would  you pray with me that God will minister to her sweet soul, that the surgeon would have skilled hands and that the recovery would be unbelievably quick and painless?

The surgery should last about 3  hours.

On a bright note…I asked her what sounded yummy to eat at the “last hour”…so late last night she sat at the island surrounded by all her sibs, who love her so much, eating her own gigantic plate of spaghetti!  Everyone’s mouth was watering…I started making it about 8:30…and we all talked and laughed and had a blast until she had finished the last drop.

Now it’s go-time…thank you friends in advance for praying for her.  She’s just as delightful as her beautiful pictures look.  If you knew her up close, you would adore her!!


21 thoughts on “Jubilee

  1. I do adore her and am praying for that precious girl that she will not be frightened, have minimal pain and unbelievably quick recovery. GOD CAN!

  2. Praying for your precious Jubilee. For God’s peace and comfort, and for a full and record-breakingly (is that even a word??) quick recovery!! Big hugs and lots of prayers for you all today. xoxo

  3. Of course – praying that all goes well, that recovery will not be painful, that she will feel safe and unafraid. That all who love her will have peace and comfort. And that the surgery will accomplish the intended purpose beautifully, whatever that is. 💐

  4. I’ll be praying-especially for her recovery. So much harder when they don’t fully get it. Glad she’s learned to trust.

    1. It is sooooo hard when they don’t get it!! She had crocodile tears pouring out when I was in the OR with her putting the mask on her. She was asking for Dad. It was awful. So thankful, that even with the less-than-fun recovery, the surgery is over. I’ve been dreading it.

  5. I’m praying, without ceasing, for your precious Jubilee. She is so beautiful inside and out. I lift her up to God in prayer and in love, and her sweet Mama as well. Our God Is Able. Big hugs xo

  6. I only know her from afar but I still adore her! She has the most beautiful smile and just seems to be such a gentle soul. Hoping her surgery went well and prayers for a quick recovery for her!

  7. I have been praying Linny. Sickness from severe pain after surgery is terrible!
    I am praying that this will not be something that makes any further time even more difficult.
    But praying for you, too. I hope you get some big hugs to keep you going. and knowing the Understanding Father is there for you, too.
    Love in Him,
    Sandy in the UK

  8. We hope she is recuperating we’ll know that we are praying and will asked all our prayer group to pray constantly for and our staff took care of her to pray too. Sorry I will visiting her hopefully when come and visit again in two years unless HE leads us to come this coming year. Linny hopefully will be in touch via email give her hugs from all of , where she used to live House of Joy and Luke’s House. I will not be posting when I get back to China!

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