Her Little Studmuffin

As Ruby started to heal, it became perfectly clear our sweet chica loves people.  She wiggles, giggles and squeals when she meets anyone.  We make every effort to introduce her to anyone who is willing to meet her.  She love, love, loves people!!

Of course, her sibs adore her.  They all have special names for her that make me laugh!  But sometimes there seems to be something innately in each of us, that just longs for friends.  And yes, it’s clear that Ruby has the same longing…they are so important to her!!  Our little gal is definitely a people-person!!  Big, adult friends and little people friends are so very special to her.

And as the Lord would graciously have it, our sweet friends have a little boy named Trey.  The first time Ruby and Trey hung out, they squealed and screamed together.  I wish I’d videoed it.   Kimmy, Trey’s mommy, and I laughed and laughed.  They were instant BFFs!!

They were “talking” through their equal love for loud squealing!!  They giggled and laughed.  And the sweetest friendship was born between them. Handsome Trey has autism and he is a perfect joy to our beautiful Ruby.  She “gets” him and he “gets” her. They adore each other.  And two momma’s hearts smile and sigh.

When Ruby hears that we are going to Trey’s home, she wiggles for joy!  When he is coming over, she again, is beyond giddy!!


This past year, on Easter Sunday we hung out at Trey’s home.  While Ruby and Trey were together, our silly Ruby put her foot in her mouth!! She was being funny.  And look at Trey!   Clearly, he beyond smitten.  I mean.  He covers his heart in awe! Look at his girl’s flexibility!!  She’s got some pretty amazing moves right there!

I cannot ever thank the Lord enough for Trey.  He has blessed our family and specifically our little treasure, Ruby.

Friends, there can be such a fear of “special needs”?  Each need only really needs a family.  Trey needed a family.  Ruby needed a family.  They bring joy to all our lives as we celebrate their precious lives.   So beautiful how God planned, from before the beginning of time, to bring Trey and Ruby together for friendship.  It is no coincidental or accident!! 

The other night Trey and his family were over for dinner.  Trey wanted to eat in Ruby’s corner chair while she was eating in her wheelchair.  It was beautiful.

And then Kimmy was able to catch this sweet exchange.  Check out our Ruby flirting with her handsome studmuffin.


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