There’s Not Many Out There…

I don’t do many blogposts anymore for birthdays.  There are so many of them and I always wonder if people are tired of seeing our celebrations.

However, it’s that hubby of mine’s birthday and I want to honor him because, frankly, life is short and sometimes there just needs to be a honorary post for one amazing man!

After all, there’s not many guys out there who would be willing to do what he does.   Currently he’s working four (yes you read that right) jobs to meet the needs of our family.  He doesn’t complain.  He just works hard and to think – we live very simply.

One of the jobs he works tirelessly on behalf of the orphan and the 16,000 orphans and vulnerable treasures our ministry feeds each month.   I’m not counting this as a different job, but he also spends several times a year either leading mission teams or going to the land we love.

He loves his kids and invests in them.  He talks to those living far and spends time hanging out with the married one close by to where we live.

When he was 60 years old he enthusiastically said “yes” to number 13 and 14 while knowing that same 14th (who was a three-year-old “lifer”).

He chases our little ones (and our little grands too!) and when he catches them there are always uproarious giggles.  He wrestles with his sons and snuggles with his daughters.

He’s kind, compassionate and grace-filled.  He tells everyone he meets about Jesus and loves leading people to Christ.  He loves training younger men to walk with the Lord and really thrills at training pastors.

Personally speaking, after growing up with a skewed view of a father, my sweet hubby has tenderly modeled what it is to be a loving, gentle and caring daddy.










He’ll do almost anything for and with his kids!  Trust me, I have other even more embarrassing pictures – because he’s done some pretty hilarious things!  But you know the rule, “What happens at our home stays at our home!”


Not many men would enthusiastically, instantly and joyfully say “YES!” to the next adventure the Lord is leading us on.  Only him.  Only him.  I’m so thankful that I married this man o’ mine.  He’s my best friend and I just couldn’t even begin to imagine my life without him,

I’m so thankful he’s mine.

Dw’s a total people person and I know he’d get a great big ol’ kick out of  some birthday wishes for you sweet bloggy friends!  So if you are able, give him something to read tonight (cause I’m in Uganda and he’s home)!  

Happy Birthday honey!  You’re the dang best ever and I love you most!! Thank you for letting me come to Uganda.  We’ll celebrate when I get home.  Promise.  😉



27 thoughts on “There’s Not Many Out There…

    1. God is so glorified in your life and your families, may God bless you for being a faithful leader and example it makes me think of ‘Who ever looses his life for My names sake will truly find it’. Many happy returns keep flying the flag for godly husbands and fathers. Blessings debbie

  1. Praising the Lord for your tireless work on behalf of the Kingdom! Happy birthday and may you prosper even as your soul prospers.

  2. Happy, happy birthday! Just want you to know what a blessing it is to read about a godly husband and father. I really (REALLY) struggle with knowing and believing that men CAN be good and trustworthy, and it does my heart and soul good to repeatedly read about men like you, men after God’s own heart. I keep you all in my prayers daily. Blessings! (And, uh…speaking for myself here, Linny, but I would never get tired reading about your family’s celebrations, 🙂 )

  3. Happy Birthday Dwight! I pray the year ahead is filled with God’s very best for you, Linny, and your amazing family! You all are doing what makes God smile the most! You are sharing His love and life with others and being an amazing example of that to the rest of the world! A huge thanks to you and Linny for showing us how to be the hands and feet of Jesus!! May God continue to shower you with His love and goodness as you share Him with others!!

  4. ~*Happy Birthday*~ to the main man of the house….actually I know that God is the main man at your house! I’m so glad that you model that for your sweet family!

  5. Happy Birthday DW! Thanks for being such a bright light for Jesus! & I do not think you can do anything embarrassing if it’s for the GB Packers!

  6. Happy Birthday DW! I am so glad you are passionate about training young men and pastors because after meeting you at the coffeehouse in St Louis a couple of summers ago I am more convinced than ever that you are just the kind of man who really needs to be mentoring young men. Oh, that all of the young men in our churches had a heart for the Lord and for the least of these and for their families like you do! Hope you have a great birthday!

  7. Happy birthday from the UK!
    Love to hear the stories of the things your family gets involved with. Thank you for being a man of God. There aren’t too many around. (except the one God moved me across the ocean to ‘find’.)
    Thanks for your heart for orphans and street children.
    Sandy in the UK

  8. Happy birthday, DW. I love the way you model the love of the Father for your children. Hope your day is wonderful, filled with happy surprises!

  9. Happy Birthday DW! May God bless you with health, strength and peace as you are guided to lead your family all the days of your long life!!

  10. Happy birthday, a couple of days late. Praying that all of the rich blessings you pour into the lives of others will come back to bless you richly this year. May you know His love in new and amazing ways!

  11. Happy Blessed Birthday all year long, and praying for God to fill you and your family full to overflowing with His Favor, His Wisdom, His Peace, and His Lovely Presence!

  12. Happy Birthday! You have blessed our family in so many ways.
    We have been involved with foster-care for 12 years and we never had a thought of adopting because we kept seeing the children we cared for heading to be with kin. It was heart-wrenching to say the least as each baby moved on. But, God in His sovereignty left a little girl with us for two years and finally Social Services asked if we would be willing to adopt her. My husband whole-heartedly said YES! But, a few days later he grew concerned that we were not young enough to do a good job and felt he was really to old to be adopting. I had been reading your blog for about a year at that point and I went and got my laptop and showed my husband the pictures of your family and the bravery with which you obey God’s calling on your life. He saw your husband and instantly felt a peace about adopting our little Shyne. He was 58 at the time. God used you and continues to use you as I read and am encouraged. Shyne is #7, with 6 birth-children, so we are way behind you….. 🙂 but so excited to see how God can still use us no matter our age. And let’s face it, being older gives us a more “experienced” faith with which to obey God and the adventure is so thrilling! Blessings to you this beautiful morning!

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