While Mama’s Resting…

Anybody ever watch Cupcake Wars?  Our family thinks the show is really kinda’ fun!  We don’t indulge in sugar often..but every once in a while…we can’t help ourselves!!

A few years back we had our own Cupcake Wars and it was a blast!!  While Mama’s resting it seemed like the perfect time to do it again!!!

The kids were given the challenge to come up with 2 flavorful cupcakes with delectable frosting and creative decorations to be judged.   Oh my!  What a rowdy time they all had!!

Liberty and Emily (Liberty’s BFF who graciously flew in to help while I am recuperating and is like another one of our daughters) shopped and gathered ingredients for each of the kid’s ideas…

The judges would decide between each person’s two cupcakes which one of the two was their favorite.  Now that’s a pretty ‘sweet’ way to play!!  They were all so creative I mean who could ever pick just one favorite from all of them anyway??

From my chair in the family room where I perch during the days I had a beautiful view of the hustle and bustle…and our Cupcake Wars was no exception.   Look at the pictures – they tell the story better than I can….IMG_1955IMG_1951

IMG_2086 IMG_2072IMG_2097IMG_2131IMG_2034IMG_2058IMG_2031IMG_2063IMG_9062IMG_9060Elizabeth made ‘waves’ for the water her little girls were playing in.  I asked her what the waves were…any guesses?



The judges oohhhed and aaahhed about how yummy each one was!!  I snagged a tiny bite of each…scrumptious!  Creative surprises mixed together to make some mighty yummy cupcakes!


One person (whose name will remain anonymous) was so nervous as the judges tried their unusual cupcake and literally sighed heavily when the judges said it was wonderful.  It made me giggle.

And lastly, on a separate note: My numbers continue to trickle down.  In fact I had my appointment at the Liver and Transplant clinic this morning.  Crazy story, but my Liver specialist actually grew up in Buffalo, not far from where I grew up…how wild is that?  It has been extra special treat to talk to him about many of Buffalo’s old stomping grounds!!  Today he was very pleased how my numbers are continuing to trickle down.  He has said my exhaustion, sleepiness and lack of strength and stamina is still all very normal.   Thank you for continuing to pray!  You guys are the best!!  xo

12 thoughts on “While Mama’s Resting…

  1. So cute! Such a fun activity! Why does your kitchen look so clean and tidy after having six kids make and decorate cupcakes? You teased us–asking a question, but not revealing the answer. What are the waves made from?

    1. Oh friend!! Don’t think for a second the kitchen was always clean. HAHAHAHA. The island was cleaned for the pictures, but it was a disaster, I promise you!! We clean, but we are not neat freaks – promise!! That’s the beauty of a big camera – it blurs the mess in the background! =) So glad you asked….I was so curious when I saw Elizabeth’s waves…she took Coconut flakes and soaked them in blue food coloring!! Isn’t that fun??!!

  2. Praise the Lord for his mountain moving healing hand! Praying for complete healing!
    Linny you are such an amazing inspiration of love and faithfulness to our God and witness to all who know you and read your blog! May God bless you with His special touches while you recuperate! Much love and prayers from Tennessee!

    1. Thank you friend for your kind words!! Today I honestly feel like I have more strength than I have had since being discharged. I feel encouraged, because up until today I have wondered if I would ever have the stamina to return to normal. Or at least my normal. Haha! Praise the Lord for His continued healing – please don’t stop praying!! xo

  3. Awwww, I love your Cupcake Wars. So much fun, and what wonderful memories for your precious children. I watch Cupcake Wars, but your family episode is my favorite now! I’m so happy to hear you are able to sit up and enjoy watching your children. I know that makes them so happy as well. Let yourself rest in God’s healing love. He is our Great Physician, and we know He is able. Sending continued prayers, and love xo

    1. Thank you so much for praying!! Today I feel remarkably stronger than I have since leaving the hospital!! Praise His name!! And Cupcake Wars is definitely one of the favorites around here!! I smiled big when you said that our family episode is now your favorite. You’re so cute!! It’s mine too!! =)

  4. Good to hear from you! Glad you feel well enough to perch in the lounge. And what a fun idea for the kiddos. I hadn’t heard about cupcake wars, but we are watching similar programmes over here.
    Praising the Lord for numbers trickling downward!
    We will still keep praying.
    Lots of Love from the UK

  5. What a great idea! And I love the diplomatic way you judged so that every child won. Elizabeth – so grown up and beautiful! – was very creative with her waves of coconut flakes. Really a great family activity – wish I had thought of it before mine were in college and working. So glad your numbers are going down.

  6. Good morning Linny. We met in Ohio when you were touring for Ruby’s book. My children Anna and Alex were quite taken by yours. I am currently on day ten of hospital stay. On 5/19 I had my right kidney removed and half of my liver. It was been a very long road to get here. I just want to be home with my babies. I have been terrorized by nightmares, couldn’t see the light and was done. I’m turning the corner but it’s been tough. Reading about the cupcakes made me smile!

    1. Beth!! I remember you!! Of course!! Wow! Your situation sounds horrible and scary and intense! I am so very, very, very sorry. These situations can be so overwhelming (to say the least)!! We will pray for your healing, for your babies, for hope for your future and for peace!! I also want to message you privately. I will use the email associated with your comment. Be looking for my email!! Love from Phoenix!! xo

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