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I have a question for you all!  Dw and I are in a dilemma and yesterday he suggested I ask you, our bloggy friends, for your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.  So what is our dilemma?  Well in just a few short months we will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary!!  Three cheers for us, right?!  It’s so monumental that we know we have to do something special to celebrate.

Funny story…when Dw and I first started dating I was 17 and his parents were just about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.   Like it was yesterday I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! Forty years!  That’s so long and they are soooooo old!”  Seriously, it was like it was just yesterday!  And here we are about to celebrate our 40th!!  I’m tellin’ ya’ friends, love your treasures, love each other – it all goes way too fast!


We have tossed around tons of ideas but think that maybe someone out there has an even better idea cause so far we can’t decide or even narrow it down to a few possibilities.

Some things to know:

We honeymooned in a little dilapidated cabin in the Pocono woods.  I can still remember the smell today.  We cooked our own meals, swam in the motel pool and played shuffleboard.  It was so much fun!  But quite truthfully, forty years of cooking has made this gal ready for some pampering on our 40th!!  Please don’t make me cook our meals or it will be a week of granola bars! Kidding.  Sort of.

We have never been away for more than a few two night getaways together in the 40 years we’ve been married.  Life just happened way too fast between pastoring, bringing treasures home and all the adjustments that brought!  So we have to make this celebration gooder-than-good!


Resources are  slim so we have to keep that in mind while dreaming of a getaway.

I don’t really want to drive somewhere far to “relax” and have to drive back after – that sounds too tiring already!  I would rather fly unless it was less than six hours away.

Graham and Savannah have told us they are coming to watch the kids and we are going!! They want us to go for at least a week.

Where would you go if you were us?  What would you do?  Dream for us!!  Please share your dreams – we need your help!!


33 thoughts on “Suggestions – Pretty Please!

  1. Think aboiut Austria, Vienna or Salzburg.
    Walk in the mountains, listen to wonderful music,, enjoy amazing architecture, eat marvellous food, take a river trip,,,,,,meet lovely people.

    1. We wondered about Napa but didn’t know how much the fires have affected it. Don’t know anything about Lake Tahoe…but will have to look! Thank you for your input – so many great ideas!!

  2. I’d bet you’d have a lot of fun staying in the historical hotel up in Jerome and exploring the town’s history… unless you’ve already done that. Prescott has some beautiful inns and B&Bs to stay in as well.

  3. Check out trips on Groupon! They have a ton of all-included trips that are pretty cheap and I’ve had good luck with them. It’s basically purchasing a voucher for a travel agency who does all of the actual arrangements. 🙂

    1. Maybe all of those? “Graham and Savannah we’ll be back ‘soon’!” I love the sound of the coast of Oregon and Hawaii. We’ll have to see what God does! thank you Carol for your input!! I sincerely appreciate it!

  4. Schaumburg😂😂😂 hmmm seriously, some quaint charming little town :). I am of no real help, but just am so excited for you all!!

  5. Prince Edward Island, Canada. So peaceful. I think there was only one spot on the island where the speed limit was above 45 MPH. Rolling hills, water and beaches, lighthouses, little fishing villages, farms, food grown/raised right on the island, COWS ice cream. If you’re an Anne of Green Gables fan, there are so many places to explore, including two different musicals that were so much fun. We also saw a dramatization on the life of Fanny Crosby. By far my favorite place to visit. I dream of visiting again. <3

    1. Oh I am an Anne-fan!! I love, love, love her and it all sounds so wonderful. Not sure if the bossman would be happy for an “Anne-trip”!! We’ll have to talk…but my, I would love it!! Thank you for the suggestion!

  6. Linny, I think it must be beautiful, no matter where you go. I personally would recommend someplace near one (or more) of America’s national parks. If you’ve not been to Glacier, Grand Tetons, Yosemite or any of the others, perhaps you could find a place to pamper you while allowing you to thoroughly enjoy God’s amazing creation in these places. You’ll find the perfect place, I’m sure!

  7. You need to look at TravelZoo. They have amazing deals.
    Find a good deal and such go with it. A client just found an amazing deal to the Canary Islands.
    You may want to go on a last minute cruise. Look at CruCon –
    An Alaskan Cruise is extremely popular for Golden Anniversary.
    I even have had two friends use Groupon to book a vacation.
    You deserve to have a wonderful time.

    1. Ahhhh. I’ve never heard of TravelZoo. I will look into it! Thank you for your help. I have been on 2 cruises – both to Alaska. One was with my mom and her friend (another wealthy friend paid for the 3 of us – incredibly wonderful…just what I needed). I returned from that cruise, went to get our Elijah and Elizabeth and came home with them and the house burned down. The Lord knew how badly I would need to have some refreshment before the fire! Then someone else paid for me to go with our son, Graham and I to Alaska on a cruise while I worked on my book Rescuing Ruby. Both trips are some of my most favorite times in my life. They were refreshing more than words can express! Dw doesn’t know if he would like a cruise cause of being in a big boat too far from shore to swim – HAHA. I may just have to take a giant bottle of dramamine for him if we do it!! LOL

  8. I agree with the air-inclusive groupons! I’ve done several. Last year we went to Costa Rica for 1 week- it was $700 per person and included flight, rental car, resort, and all you can eat/drink. So relaxing!

  9. Well, what do you like best? Mountains? Beach? City? If mountains, how about northern CA? If beach, I personally would be tempted by an all-inclusive Caribbean thing – maybe one of the quieter locations like Turks and Caicos. Or even Bermuda, which is cheaper. City….somewhere unusual, like Savannah? – which I’ve heard is beautiful and very interesting. And also by the sea, come to think of it. 🙂

    For me personally, sunshine and water would be the priorities. I guess you get plenty of the former, though. 🙂

    1. Ha! I’m a mountain introvert, Dw is a water extrovert! See the dilemma! We continue to pray!! I love the idea of a cruise. He’s not such a big-boat guy. Seriously, we are totally “opposites attract”!! But I love your ideas! Sunshine is priority to me and I love the water…but given the choice a little remote cabin in nowhere where they airdrop our meals in – haha (it’s free to dream!).

  10. We booked our honeymoon through Sams Club several years ago.
    Since then we have joined a group called grand resort travel. Please check them out and email me if any of them look appealing to you. We would be glad to share our deals with you. We have one gold week a year and can do numerous hot weeks.
    Excited for you both—40 years is awesome and should be celebrated big!

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