My brother Neil called this morning, as he often does, while he drives into work.  We laugh and talk about life and it’s always so good to “spend time together”.   He wondered if I remembered how the snow can come right at you as you drive cause that’s what it was doing as he drove.  I laughed and told him that I was about to go walking with just a tank top and shorts on but yes I remember the “snow coming right at you” and that’s exactly why I live in Phoenix!!  So very sorry for all you “snowy” people!

Anyway, in the midst of the conversation we talked about something that I had been dreaming of for a long time.  It’s something that we might be able to do this summer while in Western New York – at least it has been a long time dream of mine!  It doesn’t matter particulars to this post, but suffice it to say that it was a great part of the conversation and I hung up really excited.

Now here’s the point of the story.  As soon as I hung up I realized (again!) that this plan would need quite a few “logistics” to make it work with our big ol’ pile of treasures.  Planning it all with two wheelchairs, medically fragile kiddos and the reality of a large family would take some “fancy maneuvering” to say the least!  But this dream has been around a long time and I am certain this is the year for it!

So I started talking to the Lord about each of these needs.  I was mentioning to Him as I changed the sheets, “We would need to do this by such-n-such.  Then we would need this next. I’m wondering Lord if you could provide this for that?  And then maybe you could make a way for x-y-z. I mean we could possibly do it without x-y-z and I’d be fine with that, but it would be much harder and maybe you could just provide something very reasonable to help with this end of it….”  And the conversation went kinda’ like that as I poured out my thoughts to the Lord all the while stripping the sheets then going to gather the sheets from the closet that would go on our bed next and so on.

I went to take the Pumpkin-Coconut Paleo bars out of the oven and pour another cup of coffee.  (Oh man, that sounds so “Susie-Homemaker, which I am most definitely not these days, once-upon-a-time loved baking every day, but not really able anymore.  My mornings are usually spent trying to get it all together, feeding and bathing Ruby and Birdie and getting everything ready so we can start homeschooling for the day.  But I have been craving the bars and got everything ready last night to make them before anyone got up! The house smelled ah-mazing with the aroma of the cinnamon floating upstairs!  Elijah came down and commented, “I was upstairs mom and was like, ‘What is that smell? Mom must be making something good!'”).


Anyway, back to this:   as I continued to think about my brother’s conversation, several different aspects came to mind and in turn I would whisper to the Lord about each need and then I realized that only one specific date would work for this plan and dream to be accomplished.  It would have to be the weekend of July 8th out of the many possibilities.


Some of the things we love about Western New York: Dairy farms, old farmhouses, enormous barns and fields upon fields!



Anyway, about an hour later my brother called again.  This is where it gets really, really, really good!  You know how I was just talking to the Lord about it all?  Well in that hour that I was talking to the Lord my brother had been thinking as well.  He called back to say that he realized that the weekend of July 8th would work best because of such-and-such and then he also realized that there was this possibility that our family could then do “x-y-z” and…. he realized that a person he knew wouldn’t need x-y-z so that would possibly open it up for our family to do x-y-z as well.


We love walking downtown near the home place and taking pictures at this wall…cause ya’ kinda’-gotta…

Just like that, God was moving and the very things I had been whispering to Him about He had already been orchestrating for literally months and months behind the scenes across the country!!  Who knew?  I was so excited!! I told Neil that I had just been talking to the Lord about the reality of our needs and that x-y-z would really help and how I have longed to do this particular thing for years and it just seems like this is the year we must do it!

So what’s the point Linny?

Well later when I was telling Dw all this he was pretty tickled.  I told him how I had been talking to the Lord for years and then again this morning and in that hour the Lord was working out some details that were crazy-good.  Dw laughed, “Of course you’ve been talking to Him about it and of course He is moving.”  I giggled, “Yes, I know babe.  I chew the Lord’s ear off all day long!  But He’s never said, “Keep quiet Linny. You’ve talked enough today.”  

Actually friends there is a false assumption out there that the God of the universe is too busy to hear from us each day and really, really too busy to hear from us all day long!  Cause it’s easy to think He is so busy “doing the big things”.   That is entirely a false assumption!! Our God cares about every single need we have.  Every.Single.Need.  He moves on our behalf because He loves us.  That’s all.  Just because He loves us.  We are the apple of His eye.  We are His delight and His joy.  He loves when we talk to Him about everything.  He loves when we “chew His ear off”.

I mean, why wouldn’t our loving God want to move on our family’s behalf?  Why wouldn’t He already be orchestrating things behind the scenes for the best weekend logistically for all involved?  Why wouldn’t He?  He knows the longing cause I’ve been talking to Him about it for literally years.  Off and on, every now and then, asking Him if someday we could do such-n-such.

So here’s the point:  What need do you have?  Which specific concerns are on your heart? Big ones?  Little ones?  Don’t assume He’s too busy for you!  Flip that idea upside down and assume He wants to hear from you – cause He truly does!! Talk to our wonderful, astoundingly faithful, loving God.  He longs for you to “chew His ear off” all day long!


8 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. I had to chuckle. We had about 16 inches of snow last weekend. This will likely be our last snow for awhile as we are heading to your area by early June. Looking forward to tanks tops and shorts!

  2. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t. For the years living in Western New York we had snow even on Mother’s Day one year. I shudder at the thought of the snow everyone is getting. Currently our windows are open and the breeze is gorgeous and I have shorts on!! And yay(!) for coming this way!! Get out while the gettin’ is good!

  3. I love this reminder my friend! Although sometimes I struggle with how quickly He seems to answer your prayers lol. It reminds me of Isaiah 30:19 that says, “How gracious He will be when you cry for help! As soon as He hears, He will answer you.” But how do you trust in the wait?? When He doesn’t answer right away or there seems to just be no answer at all and no hope of change in the situation and the pain continues to be so overwhelming? I know He is still good and astoundingly faithful and trustworthy…but honestly, sometimes I struggle with that….

    1. Oh sweet friend!! I guess I gave the illusion that all my prayers are answered that quickly. Hardly the case! One very personal prayer has been being prayed for more years than I could ever remember. In all that time nothing has changed. But I still choose to trust. Another prayer that is our family’s heart’s cry we have been praying for the better part of 8 years and basically nothing has changed. Even on the most overwhelmingly discouraging days I will remember how good He has been, how much He loves and will trust that He IS working. And the other thing we try to do while we wait is to praise Him. Worship music all day some days!! Some days through tears!! The battle is the Lords although in the midst of it, that’s not easy to remember! Love you friend! xo

  4. I’m a faithful reader and haven’t ever commented. But this spoke to me so much! I’m about to do something that takes courage for me. Get. In. An. Airplane. I know I know. Not a big deal. But for me it is! Dealing with motion sickness isn’t fun. Causes me to be so frightened and I’ve passed on so many things because of this fear. But I have to face it this week for God. Church conference. And I kept thinking it’s not that big of a things to bring to God. But he does care about everything. And I believe he orchestrated me going. So Tuesday, I’ll be in an airplane. Praying and remembering your wise words. Thanks. ❤️

    1. I was praying for your flight! I wanted to tell you that Psalm 57:10 is my “go to” for flying. His faithfulness reaches the skies. I picture Him holding the plane in the palm of His powerful and mighty hand and I relax and rest. Let me know how your trip was!!

  5. Oh, Linny! I have loved following you and drinking a taste of God’s goodness when you share your heart. Today, with my fears, worries, and desires, I took a moment to visit here, the first visit in a while. I began reading and remembering that Our Father wants to give us good things, that He desires to bless us. I was beginning to tell Him the desires I have, that burdens. And, just like our JEHOVAH-JIREH who knows just what we need it when we need it, I began to hear the song playing on Pandora. While I was pondering God’s love for me, I heard Bethel’s King of My Heart. Over and over, “You are good, good, OH. You are good. You are good. Oh!” He is good!

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