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There are four blog posts in the works but in my heart of hearts I just can’t post any of them.  There are some circumstances that several close friends around us are facing which makes it a very difficult season deep in our souls as we watch them walk through each of them.  Bearing one another’s burdens makes each of their situations heavy on our hearts and some times one of the only things we can do is fast and pray for them.

We know precious friends in the midst of painfully devastating circumstances like:

Terminal illness

Financial turmoil

Relationship Problems

Unexpected loss of little treasures

Health issues

Uncertain futures

Loved ones leaving this world suddenly

And the list goes on…

Personally, knowing several of our friends are walking through these heart wrenching situations makes us cognizant that we must pray and fast!

So this Wednesday, April 25, 2018, our Place Called Simplicity invites each of you to join in a day of Prayer and Fasting.  We will be fasting for God to move in the situations around us.  We can also intercede together for the orphans around the world, adoption in general, international adoption in specific and that countries that are currently closed would open up again!  

Personally I’ve found that when life throws us unexpected curve balls, the very best thing I can do is to quiet my soul, pray and fast.

Maybe you have never fasted.  The Bible talks about Fasting in many places, but in Matthew 6:16 it begins with, “When you fast…”   It does NOT say, “If you ever feel like giving up food to fast…” Nope.  It talks about “when”.  Fasting is actually a spiritual discipline that we are to do.

If you are new to fasting there is an excellent 7-step article by Campus Crusade about fasting.  It can be found here.  Our family has seen God do the miraculous when we have joined together by fasting and praying for a common purpose.

Lastly, no matter the circumstance we face, God’s word is also clear:   We are to offer thanksgiving and  praise to Him in the midst of all our struggles….

That might seem crazy – to actually offer praise in the midst of struggles or deep heartache, but let me share a personal story from a few years ago –  in the summer of 2012.  Ruby had only been home about 9 months and was appearing to be needing to head to the ER…she would not wake up for anything – and it had been all day long like that.  I felt though, that the Lord had whispered, “This is a spiritual battle, praise Me!”

I called Renee my precious friend of many years now and she prayed with me for Ruby.  Still Ruby remained sound asleep.  Even a cool bath didn’t wake her!  But I still felt it was spiritual.  Emma and Dw were actually in Africa…and so I was trying to figure it all out and still felt very strongly that the Lord said to just praise Him.

IMG_0295 - Version 2

Miracle-girl Ruby – Summer of 2012

The kids and I had to drive to the other side of the city that particular day and so I explained to Jubilee, Isaiah, Elizabeth and Elijah the power of praise during times of warfare.  Then I asked them if they would join in praising Him with me?

Our van turned into a sanctuary of praise that day.  We sang loudly and passionately!  We prayed loudly and specifically!

Elizabeth was sitting next to Ruby and after about 20 minutes of direct and intentional and very purposed praise and worship together, Elizabeth shouted, “Mom, Ruby has ONE eye open!”  {This alone was miraculous!}

We were ecstatic!   I continued, “Keep praising with me!”  We sang, we prayed,  and I began to name the names of God, declaring His faithfulness…..another 10 minutes passed and Elizabeth and Isaiah shouted, “Ruby’s opened both eyes now!”

And by the time we had made the round trip to our home, Ruby was wide-awake and talking.

To this day, nothing will convince me otherwise but God moved in a mighty way because of the power of praise that day.


Now here’s an important question that some of you may be wondering:

Would it happen like this every time?

Quite honesty, I do not know.

But this I do know, that there have been times when the Lord has whispered, “this is warfare, praise Me”…and that was one of the times…and we did and He did and Ruby’s ‘sleepiness’ went away.  It was a powerful lesson to my soul.

So as we face trials and struggles we will worship and pray as we usher in prayer and fasting for Wednesday!

On Wednesday I will be sharing a post which you are welcome to comment about a need you have so others can pray with you.  And we will then be bearing each other’s burdens. 

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2



3 thoughts on “This Wednesday

  1. Please pray for our family. My son Brock has been estranged from the family for 7+ years. We miss him. I miss him.

  2. I will be praying today for any requests and fasting with you. I am also asking for prayers for myself as I am having major eye issues. I have macular degeneration and a leaking vessel in my left eye causing vision problems and damage. The eye injections are not helping yet. As an avid reader and writer I need my vision. God is faithful and I believe He will heal my eyes. Your prayers and praise are appreciated.

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