Friends That Mean It

About 10 years ago, new to blogging and looking for people making a difference I found Lovelyn.  Over the years she’s added a pile of precious treasures and our paths have crossed in surprising ways.  As I’ve watched Lovelyn, she’s modeled Christ in her words and life.

Yesterday I was telling Dw something about her and her husband and Dw responded, “So they live it?”  Yes, they live it.  They model Christ in every way.  They haven’t just said they love the orphan but have changed their plans and moved across the world for over a year to bring a treasure home.  God used that time as they relentlessly have pursued pleasing their Savior.  Her and her husband Matt are grace-filled world changers.

Well last night Lovelyn and Matt graciously opened their home to our pile.  Ever wonder it looks like when 19 kids get together for an overnight? Imagine bodies everywhere.  Then add a few wheelchairs for good measure.

And for real – it was a blast!  Driving down the road today we have laughed about things that happened – such beautiful memories made.  There was even a dance competition with us four adults. (Oh my!)  The kids took pictures of that, but we will leave those out.  Such complete refreshment to our souls to laugh so heartily with likeminded friends.      41fc9e310c

Birdie and her buddy Chloe – so wonderful to have big girls love on our sweet Birdie. .   IMG_1280-1


Anika, has a special place for special needs treasures and hung out with Ruby the whole night.  Ruby loved her!!  It was wonderful to this Mama’s soul to have her miracle baby girl loved so lavishly.  Ruby didn’t disappoint either – she “talked” the whole night to Anika.  Seriously, this girl really does tell you what she thinks about everything and Anika laughed throughout the night with her responses!!fc4160a87f76dfc8ccb7

Forever grateful for true friends.  The kind of friends who welcome a boatload of people and when they say something – that mean it.


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