Night to Shine and Shine They Did!

From This:

An Orphan with No Family (age: 3.5 years)



Waiting and Waiting…at times abused, despised and rejected…(age: almost 8 years)



And Waiting in Another City (only to be found years later just before he aged out)…

Can you see the sadness in both their countenances as they wait?  The reality of having no one who truly *wants* them…(and yes, JohnVernon was abused and had despicable things said to him because of his broken body)….

Zhu Xiao Jun (2) (1)

And then the redemptive work of our astoundingly faithful God through an ordinary family (with a silver haired mom and bald daddy) who sought them out where they *know* they are treasured, loved and celebrated…to this:   

Night to Shine Queen and King!!

Look at their countenances now…it speaks volumes! That’s why we do what we do…because Jubilee and Johnny (and the others) have infinite value…our first “lifer” Jubilee and broken bodied Johnny…prized beyond measure by our loving God.  God makes no mistakes.  The Lord has been so very good to us to allow us this privilege.  We get to.


A few at the house before they left…IMG_2116



Johnny asked if he could wear a bowtie and no doubt, he looks mighty dapper!  This is their 3rd year attending Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine.  Our church, Highlands Church, was a host church (yet another reason we drive 37.8 miles one way) and what a beautiful night it was!


Jubilee was giddy!


For those who don’t know what Night to Shine is…Tim Tebow started it.  It’s a prom-like event, held all over the world, celebrating treasures with special needs.  Night to Shine starts with a red carpet entrance….people line the sides to cheer for each honored guest as their name is called over a loudspeaker and they walk the red carpet (some run back and walk it again and again and again – haha!).  Each guest is paired with a volunteer host (who has been trained and vetted) who will spend the evening with them.  Dw was able to catch Jubilee’s red carpet entrance…thought you all would enjoy it too.  My eyes well with tears…we couldn’t imagine our lives without her – she is such a beautiful gift!

And Dw was able to get Johnny doing karaoke…

What a blessing Johnny is to all of us.  Even Zach (his youth pastor in the black tee with his wife Kinsey) has said that he’s a better person because of having him in his life…that’s John’s host on his knee singing with him.

Night to Shine 2019 – a beautiful celebration around the world for all!

2 thoughts on “Night to Shine and Shine They Did!

  1. Beautiful! It looks like they had a great time. Our treasure had a wonderful time at our local Night to Shine as well. Too bad the temperature was about 8 degrees for the red carpet! But when I picked her up and asked her if she had fun, she said, “My feet hurt.” That’s because she danced the night away. It’s a great program, and I can’t say enough good things about Tim Tebow and his organization. Blessings to you and yours.

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