We Made It!!

We made it!!  Baby is still in the belly and we are here!  (Whew!)  Elizabeth and I landed late Tuesday night.  A  couple of really amazing things happened as we traveled here…but that will have to wait for another time.

We went to the Gem today and hung out with the sweetest Gems ever. This is Elizabeth’s first time back in Uganda since we brought Elijah and her home.  She has worked hard to raise the money to buy her plane ticket so it was time!!  Elizabeth has a tender heart for special needs and was definitely instantly in her glory!

Personally I couldn’t wait to get to Patience (I’m holding her in the picture)…because she has an extra special place in my heart.  She was severely malnourished, neglected and abused having just arrived before I was here nine months ago.

At that time, while holding her I whispered through tears, “Patience…I need you to fight. God loves you so much and He has brought you out of such heartache….but you have to fight! We need you Patience! And do you know why else you have to get better?  Because Mimi is going to take you out back and we are going to chase chickens! I bet Patience you have never chased chickens…well Mimi is going to take you!  And don’t worry, if there are no chickens – we will chase pigs!  And if there are no pigs – we will chase people!”  A smile appeared on her lips as she weakly tried to talk.  She knew what I was talking about.  Trapped inside a very broken body after years of abuse…but she knew and you bet she would want to chase chickens – what 7-year-old doesn’t want to chase chickens??

So today I held Patience and asked if she was ready to chase the chickens?  She smiled and tried talking.  So soon we may try to chase some chickens, or pigs or people!

Heading to bed here in Emma and Josh’s home…..and now that we are here: Wee One – you are welcome to come!!

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