Best Lincoln Update EVER!!

From Emma:

** Lincoln Tendo’s Saturday Update**

Yesterday evening our brave baby boy began to breathe without oxygen for the first time in 10 long days!

Just ten days ago he was fighting for his life. It has truly been the scariest thing as a parent to watch him struggle, his chest heaving up and down unable to breath. I’m so thankful that scary night May 1st that he has been wearing his heart monitor. Our Doctor said that it was used to save his life.

As the days wore on and we paced back and forth in the ICU with Lincoln unable to respond, lethargic with sleep as his body fought – you sweet friends joined together around the world {thanks to my mama for spreading the word!} to pray and believe with us for Lincoln’s healing.

One day as we stood with our doctors in the ICU Doctor Sheba {also a strong Christian!} said that the enemy wanted to scare us to leave Uganda. That this attack on Lincoln was meant to scare us to return to America and leave Uganda and our calling behind. We were more then ever reassured that even in the battle and the trials God was with us and that God has called us to Uganda.

No doubt the high costs of the ICU and Lincoln’s medical care weighed heavily on us as a family as we live month to month as missionaries. We have not had medical insurance and everything in Uganda is usually paid in cash. If you want treatment then you must pay up front. It was such an amazing surprise to find out that through my mom’s blog many of you have donated and his medical bills have been completed covered! We are so very humbled by your generosity and love for Lincoln and our family. Words are unable to do justice for our gratitude! Thank you, thank you, thank you for covering our burden and donating!


The plans God has for Lincoln must be so very special. I can’t wait to someday tell Lincoln the story of his miraculous healing from sepsis and being 100% dependent on oxygen to healed and breathing on his own. God is so faithful!

Lincoln’s body still has lots of healing to do as his lungs continue to heal and there is need for his immune system to be built up again. He is still on medication to continue to heal his infection. Please pray for strength for his tired body and his immune system to be strengthened. Tonight we enjoyed being reunited as a family of six and soaked in all of the cuddles from his big brothers and sister. Our hearts are full and rejoicing in God’s supernatural healing.

Lots of love from Uganda xo


4 thoughts on “Best Lincoln Update EVER!!

  1. Oh!! Here I am crying again. This is so so wonderful! Praise God! What a Mother’s Day gift for Emma. These are great pictures also. I keep scrolling back up to stare at them. Love his deep thoughtful eyes gazing over Daddy’s shoulder. And Mama’s big smile!
    You know, I had been having the same thought as the Dr.–that this was a direct attack because the enemy hates all of the powerful work you are doing and all of the love you are spreading. But our God is stronger, infinitely stronger. The battle and the war belongs to Him, and NO WEAPON, or virus, or bacteria, or illness, formed against Lincoln (or any of you) will prosper!!

  2. This is so great to hear! I thought of him and prayed often for him. He looked so ill in the photo. I am so happy for him and his parents and his grandparents and his family in Uganda! I am so thankful the medical bills were covered. Will continue praying for his full healing! Happy Mother’s Day Emma and Linny!

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