Rejoice With Us – But Don’t Stop Praying!!


From Emma & Josh: *Lincoln’s Update Thursday Evening Uganda time*

It is with overwhelming thankfulness that we share that our precious Lincoln Tendo after being in the ICU for 6 days has been moved out of the ICU and is currently deemed stable and we’ve been transferred into the children’s unit for the coming days as Lincoln is still on oxygen! Only God!

When Lincoln first became sick we immediately sought medical care to confirm he didn’t have malaria. After two days of seeing his pediatrician our Doctor at a clinic said his chest didn’t sound good but that we should begin using the nebulizer at home.

On Wednesday evening May 1st – Lincoln’s heart monitor went off sending an alarm that his oxygen was dangerously low. For those who don’t know I had a Heart problems when I was a baby and Josh lost his baby sister to a heart defect. Because of this we have always been on guard and were so grateful when a generous friend bought the monitor for us. Every night we’d put it on his foot before bed. When his alarm went off in the night I’ve never been so scared. We rushed to a local ER that many people recommended and were immediately admitted on oxygen. After 16 hours of no care or medical treatment and Lincoln’s condition deteriorating as his breathing becoming more labored at this hospital – we spoke with our pediatrician from a small clinic and were transferred immediately to a larger Hospital.

Our amazing pediatrician phoned ahead and when we arrived at the ER a team of Doctors immediately saw him and agreed he needed to be put in the ICU asap. I was a mess knowing my baby couldn’t breathe and watching as his chest heaved up and down and knowing the seriousness of his condition. I cried and Josh held me as they told us the plan. We walked him back to the ICU as I handed him over and watched as the flurry of Doctors and machines raced around to save him. I was so emotional watching everything happen.

With all of our Gems we’ve lost I knew the reality of Lincoln’s condition and I was filled with an overwhelming fear and anxiety. I sobbed begging God for Lincoln’s healing. Josh and I prayed together, contacted family and asked my Mom to share and rally for people to pray and ask others to pray. My Dad booked an urgent flight to fly here and be with us, pray with us, sit with us and help with anything the kids or Gem needed. We didn’t sleep as we took turns being bedside with him in the ICU.

Friends phoned and our sweet missionary community and our church bible study began showing up, bringing coffee, meals, praying with us and showing us how much they love and care for us, more people around the world began praying and fasting for Lincoln’s healing. Before I knew it hundreds of people had commented and even messaged to let us know they care and were standing with us in prayer for his healing. Friends watched our big kids and ministered to them. Other friends drove all the way from 3 hours away to bring a meal and let us know we were loved. I was so so humbled and overwhelmed to see and feel that love.

Lincoln fought and he fought hard. His body was in a state of sepsis and his infection count was so high. His Doctor said his body was working as if he was running a marathon. He was weak, exhausted and it would only be God who could heal him. 6 long days and nights in ICU and our baby boy has blown us away! He is finally off of a feeding tube and we have been moved out of the ICU. His lungs are still tired and he still needs oxygen. He is now able to nurse and is no longer needing a feeding tube.

We praise God for his healing! We know God’s plans for Lincoln are incredible. Would you please pray for continued healing for Lincoln? Pray that his lungs would heal and he would be able to breathe on his own? We will still be in the hospital for several more days as he heals.Pray for our big kids at home as they miss their baby brother. Thank you, thank you friends for standing with us and believing with us for Lincoln Tendo’s miracle! We are so very thankful that God spared our precious son’s life. One morning the doctor saw his blood results the infection count had dropped so much that she was in shock asking how Lincoln did it Josh replied “lots of prayer” and she said “it has to be.” Only God can take a tiny baby of two months who’s body has turned sepsis with infection and bring healing!

With our hearts overflowing with gratitude we thank YOU precious friends for being part of Lincoln’s miraculous healing from the Lord.  He has been astoundingly faithful to us! Many of you fasted, thousands prayed, hundreds asked others to pray and so many were moved by the situation. Friends, seriously, did you catch that??  Lincoln was sepsis when he arrived at the ICU.  Sepsis and only 9 weeks old.  Oh friends – it was bad – so very bad.  Thank you for caring and ministering through prayer, fasting, giving, caring, words, comments, notes and action.  We serve a miracle-working, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving God.  We are humbled by your love and we pray God blesses you a hundred fold!  

Please don’t stop praying.  Lincoln’s lungs need to continue to heal…and we are trusting the Lord to finish the beautiful work Jehovah Rapha began!! 

5 thoughts on “Rejoice With Us – But Don’t Stop Praying!!

  1. Oh thank God. Praise, praise, praise the Lord. I’ve been praying and offering up my suffering for little Lincoln! (I have PTSD and anxiety is a daily struggle.) Oh I’m so relieved. I will absolutely keep praying!

    1. Thank you Anna for praying for passionately for his healing. It is moving to my soul to know you also are relieved. God has been so good – He is astoundingly faithful to each of us! Thank you again!!

  2. Praying with you & your family. Strength of soul, body & spirit. Out of His glorious unlimited resources, He will give you the mighty inner strengthening of Holy Spirit.

  3. Bawling. Huge gulps of relief. Thank you thank you Jesus!!! Best photo I have seen in a long time.
    Oh Emma. I can only imagine what you went through. So scary when a little one can’t breathe or eat. So glad he is nursing again and no more tube!!!! It must be such a comfort to snuggle his little body up against you. We are definitely continuing to pray.

    Linny, you were the one who first got me started with how to fast, probably about 10 years ago. I used to do it regularly, and I really really miss it! But I have spent the past six years either pregnant, or nursing, or both, and I’ve learnt the hard way that I tend toward hypoglycemic and I get scary witchy (or just nonfunctional) when I crash. So I’ve tried to understand that for everything there is a season, and when this season has passed, then perhaps I can be able to fast again. But in the meantime, I’ve been abstaining from chocolate as my “fast” (and realizing just how extensive that habit has gotten, haha) since you posted last week. Trivial probably, but I couldn’t think of anything else I do that I could give up. Thank you for your continued example of a life lived for Jesus!

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