Update on Lincoln Tendo…

No doubt many of you are asking for updates.  Trust me friends, communication is very, very, very limited as they tend to Lincoln and take turns sleeping.  I told Dw and Emma last night that I am quite certain it is harder to be here in some ways because I have zero clue what is going on.  Dw’s cell phone does not have internet capabilities in Uganda, unless he is on WiFi (which the hospital does not have).  He has been right at the hospital with them since landing except for running errands that they have needed done.  Dw also  prayed over Lincoln when he arrived and prayed over him according to James 5: 14, 15a:

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.  And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up…

Josh and Emma’s cell group leader came late the very first night Lincoln was in ICU just to pray over him and pray with Emma and Josh.  They attend Watoto and it is an amazing body of Christ!  Tonight their cell group was actually coming to the hospital to pray and worship with them (although Emma will stay with Lincoln).  Pray with me that she and Lincoln can hear them worshipping.  There is such power as we worship our Healer – King Jesus!

We knew how terribly ill Lincoln was that this would likely be a long battle and healing process….although of course, God could choose to heal instantly! And trust me, we’ve begged Him for that (and I’m sure you have too!).  Obviously, He has all authority and regardless He is ministering in this process and He IS healing!!

The other day my niece texted me a screenshot of a text conversation between her hubby and her.  Her husband is a pharmacist and in the screenshot he was telling her how he was interceding over each of the requests in the last update and how much he loves Lincoln (although of course he has never met him).  I weep knowing how Lincoln has touched so many hearts and I have texted Emma several times, “Do you realize how loved you and Josh and baby Lincoln are? People around the world are interceding for Lincoln’s healing.”

Our hearts cannot thank you enough for interceding for our little baby Lincoln Tendo.  Lincoln IS making improvements but there are still some significant needs that we would ask you to pray specifically for:

1.  All infection to be gone from his body.

2.  That he would tolerate his feeds and the Ng tube would be able to be removed.

3.  That he would be able to maintain full oxygen levels without any assistance.

4.  Protection for all of them from any of the sicknesses/diseases that seem to hang around at hospitals.

4.  Strength for Josh and Emma and continued healing for Emmy.

5.  Their treasures at home, one of which is sick and has had to have medical attention as well.

6.  Supernatural peace for Emma and Josh.

Some have asked how they can help…and as you can imagine, this Mama/Mimi longs for Josh and Emma to know that the hospital bills are taken care of.  Without medical insurance, yet with the high cost of hospitalization in the Ugandan ICU…if you are able in any way, would you help?  The red link was set up just for Lincoln’s medical.  So very grateful for each of you who have already helped. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Help With Lincoln’s Hospitalization

Although “thank you” seems so inadequate I have been praying two things for you:

1.  That all who have prayed, fasted, shared Lincoln’s request with others and/or given toward the hospitalization would be blessed a hundred-fold!!

2.  That God would remind you throughout the days and nights to pray for our sweet baby boy!

Thank for praying, caring, fasting with us and continuing to intercede – please, please, please don’t stop!

3 thoughts on “Update on Lincoln Tendo…

  1. Linny – We were in China when you adopted your last two, and have followed your beautiful family’s story all these years. Lifting Lincoln up to the Throneroom of Grace. Clinging with you to hope in His promises! ~ Jen

  2. Praying for you in Victor, Idaho. We saw a Facebook post a family member shared and you have been on our minds and in our prayers since. May the Lord Jesus Christ bring healing to your sweet boy and bring you supernatural grace to trust Him in this very difficult ongoing trial!

    1. Wow Meg, I am so grateful for your prayers…and whoever shared with you. Read the update I just posted…it is ONLY the power of God – Lincoln was sepsis!! Thank you again!

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