Lincoln Tendo

Lincoln continues to need our intercession and prayer. 

This Mimi has written much about the power of fasting and it is sprinkled throughout eleven years of writing Place Called Simplicity.  I actually began fasting as a young girl, probably about 9 or 10 years old because I read my Bible every day and saw that we were supposed to fast…and on my own because I wanted to serve Christ with my whole heart I decided to fast.  I would do it regularly asking Jesus to whisper to me.  He has faithfully whispered to me thousands of times since I was a little girl.  Fasting is an integral part of my walk with Jesus and I have seen God move some seemingly immoveable mountains while fasting.

The Bible actually has many, many examples of fasting, beginning with the Israelites fasting and including Jesus Himself fasting. Which makes me realize, if Jesus Himself fasted – how could we think that we do not need to fast?  And to back that up, God’s word mentions fasting in Matthew 6:16 it says, “When you fast…” meaning, of course we will be fasting, and when we do…so on that note…

Would you join us in fasting for Lincoln’s complete healing?

If you are able to begin today, please join us now.  Or if you are not able to begin today, please join tomorrow.  We are believing that Jesus is going to move on Lincoln’s behalf and touch him and heal him but this battle is intense!

I was thinking about asking you all to fast and realized that TWO years ago this very day (May 4th, 2017) I was laying in the hospital in downtown Phoenix and the doctors weren’t sure if I was going to live.  The two liver transplant specialists had come in to talk to us.  As they entered my room I remember thinking, “This looks serious.”

I was in acute liver failure and my numbers were not moving.  If I lived long enough to get a transplant that would be the only option.  Many of you understood through Dw’s cryptic message on the blog on May 3rd, 2017 indicating that things were extremely serious and many of you began fasting for me. We cannot ever thank you enough.  I believe God used those very prayers and your fasting and moved when the situation looked desperate!


Lincoln Tendo just before I left Uganda in March.  Tendo means Praise. 


Today, our little 9-week-old grandson Lincoln Tendo is in the ICU in Kampala, Uganda.  His breathing is very labored and we could desperately use knowing that you all are fasting and praying.  I can just see the heavens lit up from all over the world as people are praying and fasting for Lincoln.

If you have never fasted before, I selfishly ask if you would be willing to please start today.  I have received many emails from blog friends who have written things like, I had never fasted before in my life.  But after reading your encouragement to do so, I began.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing about the need to fast. It has changed my life! I now fast regularly.”  

And friends it’s not me, I’m just the messenger sharing this much needed spiritual discipline from the word of our Holy God.

Here are the list of things to pray specifically:

1. The pneumonia to be gone in Lincoln’s lungs NOW and his breathing to regulate.
2. The infection in Lincoln’s lungs to heal immediately allowing his health to stabilize.
3. Lincoln’s lungs to be strengthened, healed and to work on their own without struggle and with zero need of a c-PAP machine and Lincoln’s lungs to reach normal lung function..(100%) and remain there.
4. Emma’s breastmilk supply to rebuild now (after no food for literally 36 hours and being sick herself, we need her supply to rebuild quickly.)
5. Emma’s body to heal – she herself has been very sick with a bad cold and cough.
6. God’s supernatural peace for Josh and Emma as they minister to Lincoln.
7. God’s supernatural wisdom, His power and His healing direction to fall on the doctors and all those caring for him.
8. Ministering angels to minster Lincoln as he heals.
9. Peace and protection over Josh and Emma’s three littles at home, one of which is also now sick.

Please share this need with anyone:  family, Bible studies, cell groups, prayer ministries, churches and their prayer chains, prayer groups, friends, anyone you believe will pray for our little Lincoln.

PS.  Dw will be landing in, Lord willing, less than 3 hours.



7 thoughts on “Lincoln Tendo

  1. Lincoln is going to grow into a mighty man of God, a prayer warrior, rescuer of the oppressed and champion of justice. Kinda just exactly like his family. 🙂
    We declare healing over his little lungs and body in the mighty name of JESUS. NO weapon–or bacteria or virus or illness–formed against him shall proper. AMEN.

    1. *prosper, not proper.
      P.S. I am praying for Emma and Josh and their other littles too, and specifically for Emma’s healing and milk supply every time I scoop up my Littlest to nurse her.

  2. Praying healing over little Lincoln! May he be be completely restored in Jesus’ Mighty name, amen! May God’s peace comfort Emma, Josh and family in this time!

  3. Fasting and praying with you today. I believe with all my heart and strength that Lincoln’s healing has been paid for in its entirety by His own gruesome stripes. The exchange has been made and the purchase is complete. My believing prayers for each of Emma’s precious family members will continue. And for you and DW too.

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