Please Pray for Lincoln….

First of all every picture included in this post were sent from Emma to me (cause I’m the Mimi!) about a week ago – just before our sweet baby guy got so sick…is he not adorable? Look at his precious grin and pray with us – please! 

Now for all my friends who are not on Facebook but follow along through their email (sign up on the side bar)…I wanted to share what’s been going on and ask you to pray with us.  Truthfully I’m too emotionally weary to turn the entire post upside down, so to read from the start, please skip to the bottom and read up.  Either way, we humbly ask that you join in praying for Lincoln as specific prayer requests are posted below.

From my Facebook:

***NEW UPDATE***Friday 1:00pm in Phoenix and it’s Friday night – 11pm in Uganda..

Lincoln continues to need the c-PAP machine and be fed Emma’s breastmilk through the Ng tube. Emma said he seems to be a bit more comfortable but this will be a day-to-day situation. He needs his lungs to be healed – in the mighty name of Jesus and he needs them healed NOW.

In the meantime, Dw left last night to begin the journey to Uganda. He overnighted at one airport and early this AM he continued his long journey and will reach Uganda in about 24 hours (Saturday night in Uganda). God provided an unbelievable rate on literally a few hours notice. Only our astoundingly faithful God. Clearly there will be some amazing Memorial Box stories that will come out of this horribly painful season. Dw will help in any way he can and will be there to specifically be with their kids at home. They love their amazing Boppa so very much! He will also do anything needed with the Gem and the village being built. The last thing Josh and Emma need to concern themselves with is anything but Lincoln!!

I always like to have specific prayer needs to pray so here are some very specific prayer requests:

1. The pneumonia to be gone in Lincoln’s lungs NOW.
2. The infection in Lincoln’s lungs to heal immediately.
3. Lincoln’s lungs to be strengthened and to work on their own with no need of a c-PAP machine and to reach normal lung function..(98%-100%) and remain there.
4. Emma’s breastmilk supply to rebuild now (after no food for literally 36 hours and being sick herself, we need her supply to rebuild quickly.)
5. Emma’s body to heal – she herself has been very sick.
6. Peace for Josh and Emma as they minister to Lincoln.
7. Wisdom for the doctors and all those caring for him.
8. Ministering angels to minster Lincoln as he heals.
9. Peace and protection over Josh and Emma’s three littles at home.

Some have asked how they can help?? Josh and Emma do not have health insurance nor do their kids. Not surprisingly ICU costs are high in Uganda….and there is no “extra” for such an unexpected need. If you are interested in easing their financial need, here is a RED link below that was created just for little Lincoln. All money donated will go directly to Lincoln’s hospital bills and is completely tax deductible;

Help With Lincoln’s Medical Bills

Lastly, I am very weepy at your outpouring of love and care and I cannot the Lord enough for each of you! So many are kneeling before the throne for our precious Lincoln…many have asked others to pray. It is a great comfort to know that people are literally praying around the world. I plead with you not to stop!



***UPDATE From Emma & Josh****Friday 6AM in Uganda
Sweet friends,
Thank you for praying around the world and lifting our precious son up and believing with us for his healing.

These last few days have been very emotional and stressful. On Monday Lincoln began coughing and I assumed it was just a normal cold. On Tuesday his fever was so high we worried of malaria and rushed to the hospital.

On Wednesday night Lincoln’s heart monitor alerted us that his oxygen level was dangerously low and he was unresponsive and lethargic. It was such a scary time. We rushed to the ER and were immediately admitted and placed on Oxygen. On Thursday evening our Pediatrician referred us to transfer to a better International Hospital that can handle his care. We were transferred and he was immediately placed in the ICU on a CPAP oxygen machine. He’s so very sick with pneumonia and a bacterial infection. It’s been a very scary time and I’ve definitely cried more than I thought was possible. He is not able to nurse because of all the machines and he’s so weak. He has an NG tube and I’m pumping to give him breast milk. It’s making him so distressed as he loves being close and nursing.

Please would you pray that his body would heal? That his lungs would do what God meant them to do and that his oxygen would return to normal? Please also pray for our other three kiddos as they worry about their baby brother. It’s been a hard few days with no sleep and such heartache. We trust and believe that Jesus is the ultimate healer and that He has such powerful plans for our precious Lincoln Tendo! Thank you for praying and please don’t stop!



***Update***Lincoln has been moved to another hospital and is being put in the ICU… he has pneumonia and a bacterial infection in his lungs. He’s a very, very sick 9 week old. He is also on a c-PAP machine and unable to nurse but being fed Emma’s breastmilk thru an Ng tube. They are unable to be with him except at appointed times. Lincoln’s name means “Praise” and we will declare the praises of our mighty Jesus over Lincoln. Please keep praying!


Original Post at 3am Wednesday in Phoenix: Is anyone awake out there? Would you please pray with us? Emma and Josh’s little Lincoln has been very sick. They took him in the night as his breathing was very labored. There is concern he has pneumonia but without going into details, the medical is so different there and it is hard not to be very concerned.)) Please pray for the Lord to intervene, give Josh and Emma wisdom and to heal Lincoln now! He’s 9 weeks old. Please share with your small groups, prayer chains and anyone else who is a prayer warrior. And if anyone wants to FAST WITH US, please join us!!

7 thoughts on “Please Pray for Lincoln….

  1. I know I’m probably overlooking it, but I can’t find the link to donate for sweet Lincoln’s medical care.

    1. Hey Keri, I inadvertently forgot to put it in! I’m so sorry. It should work now! Thank you advance for helping Emma and Josh out! Please keep praying for Lincoln!

  2. Oh no! Poor sweet little guy. Praying hard for Lincoln and his parents, too!

    Psalm 118: 13. I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. 14. The Lord is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation. 15. Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: “The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things! 16. The Lord’s right hand is lifted high; the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!” 17. I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

  3. I am so very sorry everyone is going through this! I am praying now and will continue morning and night. Thank you for posting this here….I don’t have Facebook so I so appreciate the privilege and blessing to lift your family up in prayer!

    1. I am so grateful for your prayers Lisa. Please pray the specifics I listed. They are on target with the needs and we are trusting that God is moving…even when it seems unnoticeable.

  4. Hi Linny, I am praying right now! And we will pray at church tomorrow.
    What was the update from Josh being ill? And in what way has Emma been sick?
    I am so glad that your husband is on his way there. Will pray for him, too.
    Much love in Christ,
    Sandy in the UK

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