We Couldn’t Imagine…

Last week our Jubilee had to go for some very extensive testing.   After a couple of hours of being there Dw phoned me to see how it was going.  I told him a little about it all and before long he was choking back tears as he spoke, “I hate that she has to have this.  She has had to endure so many things. I love her sooo much and I just couldn’t imagine our lives without her.”

It’s probably hard for some to understand how deeply we treasure the first “lifer” we ever brought home.  Truthfully, Jubilee’s file from Ch*na stated, “low intelligence, severely delayed” among lots of other medical diagnoses…and as we read about her and looked at her precious little face in the pictures all we could think was, “How will she ever function in the world as she ages out of the orphanage?  What will happen to her?  Who will protect her?  Who will defend her? Who will have her back?”  All these questions and so many more we asked ourselves as we talked about bringing her home forever. IMG_1205


(Picture from Christmas)

Of course reading the paperwork we understood that if it was accurate Jubilee would be our first lifer.  And as unbelievable as it might sound, that part just didn’t concern us. Because quite honestly, if we really sincerely attempt to always live by Matthew 7:12, “Do to others as you would want them to do to you” how could we even consider the “empty nesting” part?

For real.  Whose idea was it that everyone even has to be an “Empty Nester” anyway?  If we lay our lives down according to Matthew 7:12 “empty nesting” is a moot point. And actually taking Matthew 7:12 seriously, putting ourselves in her shoes, we felt that if we were Jubilee what would we want our family to do? Well of course, we would them to say, “You’re ours forever!” as they passionately pursued us.

So it was with that in mind that we ran full force toward her.  Never looking back at all.  Whatever Jubilee’s future held we would chase it together! And she would never, ever, ever have to walk through life alone.

One question is probably lingering in a few minds…afraid to ask but wondering:  Have we ever regretted our decision?  OH MY WORD.  Not a stinkin’ chance!! Not even with a molecular size fiber of our being!  And quite honestly, personally speaking, our only regret is that we don’t have a dozen more Jubilees (besides all the others of course)!  Jubilee is an integral part of our family.  We would not be complete without her.  We need desperately need her!

In fact a few months back, although I can’t remember the exact conversation, Graham and I were talking alone and Jubilee was mentioned and he instantly became choked up and through tears spoke, “I couldn’t imagine our family without Jubilee.”  Big brother adores his little sis and couldn’t picture us without her.  That’s how essential she is to our family.  I cannot emphasize it enough – she’s a blessing, a treasure, a rare gift that we have the privilege of having be one of us!

Speaking of other Jubilees….yesterday I was looking at our agency’s Facebook page and came across this beautiful little treasure.  She reminds me of our Jubilee…and I’m actually praying that her forever family will see her today here and chase after her…and if she indeed turns out to be a “lifer” like our Jubilee, you will have a lifetime of love, snuggles, laughter and joy!  Win/Win!

FromChinese Children Adoption International  – The adoption agency we used and in our personal opinion the very best agency there is! They serve several countries including:  China, Bulgaria, Latvia and Taiwan.

Meet Naomi!!!

Straight off their Facebook page:

This darling girl just celebrated her 7th birthday this week.


Naomi’s nannies describe her as being a girly-girl – she likes to wear pretty clothes and have her hair done, and she will pose for a picture once she is all dressed up! She likes playing with the other kids and interacting with her teachers. One teacher taught her how to use water color pens and she loves to color with them! Naomi also likes playing in water. She likes it so much that she would sometimes sneak off to the bathroom to play with water.


When her nannies discover what she’s doing she’d cover her face with her hands and smile shyly!


Naomi is diagnosed with Epilepsy, Delayed Development, and Poor Brain Development. She takes medication for her epilepsy, and at the time her file was prepared the orphanage reported that her condition was under control with medication.

Please contact CCAI’s Waiting Child Team to learn more about sweet Naomi! They can be reached at 303-850-9998 or waitingchild@ccaifamily.org.


Doesn’t Naomi remind you of our Jubilee?  Oh friends!! Please pray and contact CCAI…not even a molecule or fiber of your body will ever regret your decision!

Advocate with me! You could be the conduit to Naomi’s family!

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  1. I will join you in praying for Naomi. What a beautiful, special girl…created in the image of our Heavenly Father. I would love to see her find a loving family to be there to support her and cherish her forever. 🙏🏻

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