Fading Flowers

About six weeks ago I dug out my old Bible to study from again.  I had used it for at least 25 years and finally had “retired” about 10 years ago and began using a new Bible.  But I’d been missing it, especially all the margins that I’d written in – complete with dates and little notes reminding me of struggles, trials and promises over the years.  I’d underlined in red certain verses that I’ve held so very close to my heart, memorizing many.  Opening the pages I felt like I was with a much-loved, treasured, faithful old friend.  It felt so good to have it in my hands again.

Oh friends, His word is alive – just like it was when it was written a couple of thousand years ago.  Not one word of it has ever failed.  Not one.  His promises have always been true.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8 

As I was turning the much-loved pages in the wee hours this morning to where I have been studying in 2 Kings, my eyes fell on a scripture with a note beside it.  I stopped to read the verses and the notes I’d written beside that scripture.  I always write very specifically because it reminds me of what the Lord whispered.  Reading this particular note, my heart paused.  The note was written September 10, 2001.  The verse was a promise from the Lord about a very troubling situation.


As I read my notes, I realized two things.  The first thing I noticed was that the promise has not yet been fulfilled.  Almost 20 years ago I began to pray about that troubling situation, long before the Lord even led me to that scripture where I would in turn write the date and words of hope He had whispered at that time.  And yes, I have continued to pray multiple times a day as I wait – for over 20 years.  I pray and wait for the fulfillment of the promise…and as I wait, I wait expectantly.

Do you why I wait expectantly?  Because of another promise from the Lord:

Anyone who trusts (or hopes) in Him will never be disappointed.

Isaiah 49:23

Yes, I wait – expectantly! Knowing that even when it looks like nothing is happening, He is still working.  And when the situation grows seemingly worse (which it has on many occasions) He is still moving.  And when it looks like there is absolutely no hope (which it has a couple of times) He still works the nightshift!  Because of His great love for us we are reminded that His promises are always true and when we hope/trust in Him – we will never be disappointed.  This hopeful expectancy is called faith…and faith means I trust Him completely with this long-awaited request.

Some days I’ve wondered how the answer will come. Will it come in an instant?  Or will it come gradually over time? Obviously, He will allow it to come however He deems best, but I dream of that day.  And if you live anywhere near the city of Phoenix, you will most certainly hear the shouts of joy and your washes may flood from the tears of the promise fulfilled.  I’m not kidding. If it didn’t rain and your wash is flooded, hop on over here and you will see that He’s answered!!  Those who hope in Him will never be disappointed.  

The second thing that struck me this morning as I read that verse and the note beside it was the date – September 10, 2001 – the day before 9/11.  Little did any of us know that the very next day that a catastrophic event would take place for us in America.  A day that would forever change all our lives and the way we do life.

Just think – when God spoke that promise to very insignificant me, He already knew 9/11 was about to happen.  And looking back on that painful 9/11 season of trauma, devastation and loss for all of us Americans, He was there.  He was working before it, during it and He is still at work…because even when catastrophic events come, His promises still don’t change.  The promise He made the day before to me didn’t change because of 9/11…in fact on 9/11 it was still a promise I could “take to the bank” – no matter what was going on in the world around us.

And so in unprecedented times like we are experiencing around the world with coronavirus, His promises will still come to pass.  They never change.  Though the grass withers and the flowers fade, His promises remain true because He is faithful.  He absolutely will not fail on the promises He whispered to you   He is working, orchestrating events and situations because He loves so very much. Even as the flowers fade and fall, His promises remain completely trustworthy.  Do not give up!!  Keep praying!!

PS If you know of anyone specifically with CoVid19…please post their first name so we can pray specifically for him/her.

We are praying specifically for a man named Bob (in his 50s) on a vent in NY…his wife was a friend of mine in high school.  Bob now has a staph infection as well.  And we are also praying specifically for the young sister, named “C” of our daughter’s close friend who is on a vent in California.  Please pray with us for both Bob and “C”.


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