What a Wonderful Wednesday!

What a Wonderful Wednesday indeed!

At the close of my last post I mentioned needing prayer for Bob.  I also shared a picture of our chalkboard with Bob’s name on it on FB.  Anyway, this Wonderful Wednesday I have to share a little background on the Bob I asked you to pray for…..

When I was a teenager I knew Bob’s wife because she was dating someone I hung around with.  For privacy I will call Bob’s wife Annie.  Annie and the guy she was dating parted ways and I lost complete touch with her.  Of course this was long before cellphones, email addressse, Instagram or the invention of Facebook and all the rest.  Dw and I eventually married and a few years later we moved out of state.

From time to time, over the years I would think of Annie with great fondness.  She truly was one of the sweetest people I had ever met and we had had so much fun together way back when.

A few years ago I tried to find her on Facebook but was unsuccessful.  Fast forward to last week when I was talking to my cousin and asked if she knew anyone with CoVid19.  My cousin said she did…and told me about their friend Bob being on a ventilator and how his wife, Annie, had told them that the doctors had told her, “It would take a miracle for Bob to survive – he was very, very sick.”  The doctors had tried to take Bob off the vent twice, but it had not gone well at all and now he had a staph infection too.


Well the second my cousin mentioned Annie’s name my heart had leapt.  It was such a crazy feeling that I knew it had to be the Lord.  I immediately began to search Facebook and in no time I found that Bob’s wife Annie was my old friend from my teen years!  I was elated..and of course our family had already begun to pray earnestly for Bob.  And knowing how much I loved Annie, I can only imagine her Bob is one extraordinary guy!  I sent a friend request and prayed she would see it.  Soon we began to communicate.

This past Saturday there was a group fast called for Bob’s healing – it would truly be a miracle if he was able to come off the vent.  Well friends, we know what God does when we fast, don’t we?  I mean, God doesn’t need us to fast, but He seems to love when we are united before the throne with a common purpose.

The very next day after the group fast was Easter Sunday – the day of celebrating the undeniable resurrection of our Lord and the doctors decided to make a third attempt to take Bob off the vent.  Oh guys – the miraculous happened!  Bob was able to come completely off the vent!  Completely!  No doubt, Easter was never was about bunnies, baskets or hunts…only JESUS and His miraculous power!

Monday brought more miracles….I can’t type it without welling with tears…Annie’s update:

I WILL SHOUT OF GOD’S MARVELOUS WORKS!! How can I keep secret this HUGE GOD MOMENT? I just FaceTimed Bob. He was alert and able to communicate. Although speech was difficult for him, he quoted James 5:16, “The fervent prayer of a righteous man availed much!”  With overwhelming joy, I thank each one of you for your fervent prayers. 

Then yesterday this update from Annie:

What a day of joy it has been! Bob was taken out of the ICU to a private room. I was able to talk to him on the phone for a few minutes and also FaceTime him this afternoon. He has a long rode of recovery ahead, but God is good! He was noticeably better today than yesterday. Thank you for your continued prayers as Bob works day by day to get stronger. God is faithful!

God’s miraculous goodness has been evidenced….

Isn’t it interesting, too, that the medical professionals would say that Bob needed a miracle and that’s exactly what everyone was asking the Lord for and that’s exactly what Bob and Annie received – a miracle on Easter Sunday!  The miraculous defined: when there’s no explanation there is only one explanation – our powerful, loving and miraculous God!

And by the way, in the midst of me writing back and forth with Annie I mentioned that I couldn’t remember the exact time frame when we had been hanging out together and that I wasn’t sure if I had been dating Dw yet…and the next message I got she sent the picture from above and said, “Yes, Dw was around!”   Dw and I were so tickled to get it.  I think I was about 17 in the picture and that would make Dw 21.  We had not been dating long I don’t think…but what a sweet picture to receive since losing our pictures in the fire.


Also, for those who have been praying…My friend Joy had asked for prayer for Ron…and the update was that Ron and his family got their Easter miracle too..he had been off the vent but had not been waking up for days.  he now was awake and following commands!   Only God!  What a celebration Easter!!  See it never was about eggs, bunnies or hunts – ONLY JESUS!

And last I heard “C” had been taken off the vent and had told her family via FaceTime, “I love you”.

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.  

Psalm 126:3


4 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Wednesday!

  1. Praise God for His healing! What an amazing story!

    I’m also so thankful to be able to share that the couple whose names I left in the comments of your last post are on the mend too! She brought him home from the hospital the day before Easter!

  2. I just read this post. Couldn’t believe it and pulled out my text messages from a friend. Yep, the quote from “Annie” was identical, even the capitalized letters! I’ve been praying for Bob too! Bob and his wife raised kids together and were good friends with good friends of mine, now in Illinois with us. Janet had been sharing Bob’s wife’s requests, and our Life Group was praying too! What a small world!

    1. Isn’t that just too wild? I have goose bumps!! Yes, I knew “Annie” when I was a teen…and just loved her – such a precious woman! I was thrilled to reconnect (although I would have rather not wanted to over her husband’s serious illness)…but so blessed to be part of Bob’s miracle! God is so good. Love that you told me too. xo

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