For Those Not on Facebook…

Ruby began having a seizure during her nap on Friday.  She had been joyful and loving-life-full-tilt prior to her nap.  When it began rescue meds were administered immediately.  We debated calling first responders because we have stayed home for six weeks…but the seizure just didn’t seem to be stopping.  When they arrived she continued seizing and the entire ambulance trip down she didn’t let up.  More rescue meds administered, and she kept seizing.  It was excruciating to watch.

Reaching the hospital they put her in a trauma room as she was still seizing.  Four rescue meds in and she was still seizing and I was wondering if she was going to see my mama.  There were about 10-12 medical staff around her yet they welcomed me singing “Oh How I Love Jesus” softly in her ear throughout the time.

I had posted it on FB and  I’m so grateful for praying friends who held our arms up…finally at almost TWO hours, the seizure stopped.  They ordered an MRI, which I went in on top of her again.  Then she had a shunt series in the x-ray department.

Upon truly awakening, Ruby turned to me and without hesitation emphatically signed, “Let’s GO!”  I laughed actually and told her that if it was up to me, I would grab her and we would run for the hills together!  Boy do we love that sweet chica!

Dw did not come down to the hospital since we did not want any unnecessary exposure to all that a hospital can hold and now there is only one parent allowed with a patient.  Ruby was admitted Friday evening and they found that her sodium level was quite a bit below normal range.  So we have been working to get that up to a normal range.  We are prayerfully heading home today.  It has been a long four days here in the hospital.

Imagine if Ruby was signing immediately upon waking, “Let’s GO!”  how much she wants to be here each day?!! Ha!  No doubt she wanted to get home to the back veranda surrounded by her most-favorite-ever peeps.

Thank you for your prayers.  The Lord has been very tender.  But honestly, between my mom on Tuesday and Ruby’s almost 2 hour seizure on Friday -my head is spinning.



3 thoughts on “For Those Not on Facebook…

  1. So glad you & Ruby are back home after busting outta that hospital. I just prayed for you, that God would speak peace and comfort to your daughter-heart and your mom-heart.

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