My Mama

While Ruby was in the hospital my mama’s obituary appeared in the Buffalo News.  Heavy hearted and tears ever present, I’m so grateful she’s with Jesus.  I am reaching for my phone no less than 30 times a day to tell her something.  So I’ve whispered messages to the Lord asking Him to pass the word along.

Lord willing this summer we will be able to go and have a proper memorial service to honor her beautiful and lasting legacy.  If you are near, please come.

I think she looks just beautiful in the picture.  Oh how I miss her.  She was one incredible mama.  A true overcomer.  A true servant’s heart.  A woman who knew the redemptive love of Jesus and offered it freely to all she met.  She was so loved by so many and how my heart aches for one more conversation, lunch, coffee, hug, smile, word, anything.


3 thoughts on “My Mama

  1. Hi Linny, look for the song “will the circle be unbroken” by June Carter Cash if you don’t already know it, it brought me great comfort when I lost my precious Mom, she was 65 and I was 42, I still listen all the time. It made my heart smile when I read how you asked God to pass on messages to her because I do the exact same thing, so many times you just want to pick up the phone, and you can’t, but we have our beautiful Father to talk with and relay messages, until we meet again on that beautiful shore Xoxoxo

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