Emma’s Update on Our Granddaughter “E”

Praying friends thank you for gathering around the world to pray for our daughter’s healing! Some of the scariest moments of our lives were watching her seizures as she was unconscious and her breathing was so labored – wondering if she was going to make it to the hospital in time. Such scary traumatizing moments. Thank you, thank you for praying and believing with us for a miracle for E.

We are happy to share that our miracle girl is home! We met with many doctors, lots of tests later and a diagnosis and a treatment plan with many doctor appointments and tests in the coming weeks. We are, of course, still processing all the details from the last few days.

We are heartbroken that E’s seizures have returned all these years later and now the reality of living with life-threatening seizures and all that means.

Although we are home now we ask that you continue praying for our E’s complete and total healing. Her body is very weak and exhausted from the whole thing.

Please also pray that we would be able to find an Apple Watch or a seizure monitor for our precious daughter. With the borders still closed and a partial lockdown and curfew many things have been more difficult.

Thank you friends for loving us and being there for us. Your messages, comments, and texts have made us feel so loved. Thank you for loving our daughter and believing with us for her miracle. God is so faithful and His plans are so good for our precious daughter!

2 thoughts on “Emma’s Update on Our Granddaughter “E”

  1. Continuing to pray for this sweetheart. (Sorry, thought I had posted before but I guess it was only in my head) Thank you for the update! May our great Healer continue to hold her in the palm of His hand, and stop any more seizures from affecting her and her Auntie Ruby too.

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