Josh & Emma’s Daughter

For my friends not on FB….we would appreciate your prayers more than words can express. Below is what I posted on my wall.

Most recent update is first…


10:18 am PT –
Emma’s little daughter seized for 3 hours and 20 min and finally it stopped. Now E is heavily sedated, on oxygen and in the ICU. Thank you for praying (and fasting with us). Please continue to pray for her complete healing. The situation is very serious. We are trusting the name of the Lord our God. Things are also complicated because of a curfew due to CoVid.

7:42am PT
Still seizing. If you have not eaten today, would you consider fasting with us? And ask anyone you know who is a prayer warrior to pray.

5:23am PT Emma called from Africa at 5:10am PT. Their little girl, E, is having a seizure and it has not stopped. She just asked me to ask you to pray!! She said, “It’s bad mom.”

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