Just Before The New Year Dawns…

As 2020 draws to a close, no matter how difficult it has been, we still have much to be grateful for. My most difficult part was losing my sweet mom…I miss her every single day and cry often wishing to talk to her, spill my guts and have her say, “Do you want to pray about that?” People who really believe in the power of prayer are not easy to come by. She had faith that could move mountains and was an amazing mentor!

On a beautiful note, in July, 47 precious Gems moved into their new home. If you missed the video of them going to their new home in Gem Village and would like a pick-me-up, here it is: (And make sure your volume is up!)

In Uganda, like many other countries, once a child reaches the age of 18, they are no longer allowed to live in a children’s home. Several Gems will turn 18 this coming year. The Gem is the only home they have known as well as not having any known relatives.

Pearl When She First Arrived
Pearl Today

We cannot (and will not!) allow the almost-grown Gems to be put out on the street. NEVER!! EVER! We will protect the broken at all costs.

Our life’s purpose and mission: To protect the broken, care for the orphaned and advocate for everyone to do something.

We are in the midst of fundraising to build two Assisted Living homes that will be built on Gem property. Many generous donors have rose to the occasion but we are still about $64,146. from the goal.

As 2020 closes out, what better joy than to help provide a home for the precious Gems about to age-out. Thank you in advance for your kindness to the Gems. If you met them, trust me, you would love them.

Gems like:

Jerom – tender and sweet – with infinite value.

Moses – whose joy is immeasurable, created in the image of our great God. I was there the day he arrived. Such a kind boy!

And Bethany. Did you know Bethany wants to be a social worker? The Gem is committed to seeing her reach her goal! Makes me well with tears just thinking of it. Not discarded – but celebrated!

Their joy is indescribable because they know they are loved, protected, wanted and treasured.

Would you please help us build two Assisted Living homes for them? Every gift matters and helps to push closer to the goal. Building is scheduled to start in January! Here’s the link:

Donate here.

PS And yes, another picture of my mom. She was instrumental in molding me into the woman I am today. I long to thank her a million times over and I will always honor her with my whole heart.

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