She Was Waiting…

Many years ago I began asking the Lord to wake me when He wanted to spend time with me. Most days He wakes me in the wee hours of morning, long before the sun is up. I slip out of bed, make a cup of coffee and head to our little library to curl up with my Bible and journal and spend time with the one who has been my faithful, best friend since I was a little girl.

A few days ago, with coffee in hand I flipped the tree lights on while entering the cozy little room and found Birdie sound asleep in my chair. Each morning she finds me there when she wakes – she knew I would be coming. It made me smile – she was waiting for me.

Most mornings when she comes in she takes her little Bible and sits on the couch across from me and “reads”. Sweet baby girl has made such strides as the walls around her little heart continue to slowly crumble – it’s incredible. She finally loves me – such an answer to so many prayers.

This Christmas Eve day Ruby’s new wheelchair was supposed to be delivered. She outgrew hers a long time ago but it’s taken forever to process all the approvals needed, finally get her measured and it ordered. Such a great delight that it would be here just in time for Christmas! I’ve been telling her it was almost time for her new wheels.

Well yesterday the wheelchair company called. I could tell from the voice of the young woman on the other end that she was speaking with true trepidation and I couldn’t imagine what she was going to say. She relayed that due to parts not arriving on time, it would not be delivered on Christmas Eve. I responded with a simple, “Oh, okay, that’s no big deal.” She got kind of emotional as she thanked me for not yelling at her. I laughed, “Why would I yell at you? First off, you are just the messenger and secondly, in the grand scheme of things, we have so much to be thankful for.”

She expressed so much relief at my response that it truly was kinda’ mind-boggling and then went on to tell me that she had been yelled at by everyone she’s had to call. We talked for a while and of course, I told her how sorry I was that people had not been kind to her. We even laughed together and of course, I told her just how very much our gracious God really loves her.

It all made me think of just how powerful our words are. Our words either bring blessing or curses. There is no middle-of-the-road when we open our mouth. So many are waiting for just a kind word. Just like this young woman. Just a morsel of kindness.

What I did was nothing extraordinary at all. I was kind. That’s it. But to her, it changed her day. Our words hold so much power.

May our words be kind. People are waiting. Be kind. Always.

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