Ruby, Our Miracle-Girl

For those not on FB…please pray for our girl.

UPDATE 2:30PM Thursday 1/21/2021

I was up all night pushing the button on the EEG read anytime I saw something irregular (which was often). Her EEG is still running. She has still not returned to baseline. For you who have treasures or loved ones with seizures you know that this is concerning.

Earlier today I was whispering to Ruby as we snuggled that there are people around the world praying for her. Please continue to lift our miracle-girl up to the our healing God, Jehovah Rapha. Your prayers mean more than you can ever even begin to imagine.

UPDATE: 10:00pm Wednesday 1/20

I’ve climbed in to snuggle with our precious baby girl. She is hooked to an EEG and will be recording till morning. She seems to continue to be having small seizures – thankful the EEG will tell us for sure. Thank you for praying with us. We need the seizures to STOP and her to return to baseline. Please pray with us for that. It is comforting to know so many are praying. XoUPDATE: 3:30pm Thank you friends for praying for Ruby. Our miracle-girl has had an extremely rough time (worst ever). There are still many concerns. Please continue to pray that our sweet Ruby would return to baseline, wisdom for the doctors, surgeons and answers. There was even mention of putting her in ICU. I am playing worship music and singing to her. Music is definitely her love language and worship music heals, ministers and soothes Ruby (and mommy). We will praise Him in this storm.

UPDATE: (posted in comments as well) Still having seizure activity, MRI “one-bang” ordered (I go in tube with her), shunt series also. Should be going for both soon. Definitely not returned to baseline. Please keep praying. I’m scared.

FIRST POST: Wednesday 1/20/21

We found Ruby seizing this morning. It had been going on a long time as her clothes were literally able to be wrung out. At hospital and she has not returned to baseline. Please pray for our miracle girl.

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