Update on Ruby

Dw and I decided to share a *few* more details as to what’s going on in order to ask you to pray specifically for our precious Ruby. Many of you have followed Ruby’s miraculous journey since Emma first found her dying in 2011. I know bunches of you fasted with us just for her survival. All can attest that because of God’s lavish love, Ruby Grace has not only survived, but she’s thrived and been healed exponentially in miraculous, only-God-could-do-it ways. But here we are needing your prayers again.

Since Ruby’s seizure ended on Wednesday she has not returned to “baseline” which means that she has not returned to her normal capabilities. Instead, our beautiful girl Ruby is no longer able to use her left arm, left leg and she also, it appears, is unable to swallow.

Please pray for wisdom, for definitive answers and for all of Ruby’s abilities (and more!!) to return.

Also, please understand that we are all feeling mighty fragile right now…so if you have horror stories, please be kind and keep them to yourself.

We are trusting God for many MORE miracles for Ruby – please stand with us in faith and pray. If you have legitimate medical expertise, please message me privately. But please understand, I am unable to respond to messages at this time.

Thank you each for praying, if I could hug you, I would.

11 thoughts on “Update on Ruby

  1. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.
    Praying in the name of Yeshua The Messiah that Ruby will be healed, that everything will end up being okay, and that all of you will have peace and the strength to keep going with your amazing ministries.

  2. I will be praying for a God’s healing touch, and that your family feels God’s love for each of you as you tend to His treasure.

  3. Continued prayers in the night/early morning hours here from Michigan. Specifically praying and believing for her return to baseline, complete restoration for her left side and her ability to swallow. May you rest in His peace. Agreeing with you: “We are trusting God for many MORE miracles for Ruby” and May God get all the glory in Jesus name. Amen!

  4. Prayers for sweet Ruby! She’s a fighter! Trusting in God’s healing and provision as you walk alongside her! May the peace of God transcend all understanding!

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