Ruby’s “Therapy”

OHHH Friends!!

We can tell you all have been praying! Thank you Jesus and thank you all so muchToday is Elijah’s 14th birthday so Dw brought the kids to the hospital so I could see Elijah on his actual birthday. Dw was able to be in with Ruby while I hung out in the car with the kids. He prayed over her – which was the best!

I forgot to mention that Ruby has been in ICU since Wednesday but now has been moved to a step-down unit. By God’s grace, she is on the first floor so the kids and I were able to walk to the window of her room. We sang, “Oh how I love Jesus” to her through the window. Dw and my phones were on so she could hear better. Every one of the kids were so sweet encouraging their fragile sister and she was definitely paying attention.

However then I had Birdie tell her (by repeating), “Ree, come home and pull my hair!” Although the only two clear words were “Ree” and “hair” – Birdie’s words drew a tiny crooked smile from Ruby and we were giddy! No doubt, one of Ruby’s favorite past times is teasing Birdie. Her response was enormous to us! And FYI, Birdie never minds when her sissy does it, but merely says, “Noo, Ree, noooo!” which, of course, makes Ruby giggle.

Their window visit ignited a spark – hallelujah! Three hours have passed since they were here and Ruby is still all-in – even “talking” to me and signing “friend” with her right hand to the x-ray tech. Pretty funny…the nurse was like, ‘Wait? Am I not your friend?” and Ruby shook her head “no.” We were all laughing…the nurse had just put the feeding tube in minutes before and Ruby doesn’t forget easily – haha.

Truly, the Lord knew! Her sibs are the very best “therapy” she’s ever had over the years. As Dw and I are still convinced, “The only true special need anyone has is for a family who loves them unconditionally.”

This AM the neurologist and I were talking (okay, okay, I should say he was talking while I was dripping tears). He thinks that now being over 100 hours since the seizure it is seeming less likely that the left side paralysis and swallowing problem is the post-seizure still wreaking havoc.

I have had worship music on all day and all night long. After talking to the neurologist I put on “Rattle”. Are you familiar with Elevation’s “Rattle”? Look up the lyrics and listen to it. Whoa – so powerful. My favorite line: “You’re not gonna run out of miracles anytime soon”. Bring the NEW MIRACLES LORD – BRING THEM!!

We continue to need wisdom as to diagnostic tests and procedures to get to the bottom of it given Ruby’s fragile state and the risks versus benefits. Please pray for God’s supernatural wisdom for her doctors and us to figure out the paralysis. We are so grateful for each prayer whispered on behalf of our miracle-girl. xo

#RubyOurMiracleGirl #NewMiraclesLord

PS Go Packers (our family’s team) and Go Bills (our old home)

Somehow the last post’s picture ended up at the top of this one. Tuckered an unable to figure out how to change it.

4 thoughts on “Ruby’s “Therapy”

  1. Praise GOD! How wonderful, hallelujah!! In church this morning, our worship pastor read Isaiah 61:1-3 over us. As he was reading verse 3 it says and I will give them a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, your family and Ruby immediately came to mind. And I believe God is working! Agreeing for a miracle! God is good!! Continued prayers for Ruby!! And Happy Birthday to Elijah!

  2. Oh what a sweet post! Thank You, Jesus!!!
    I am continuing to lift Ruby and your family up in prayer. Happiest Birthday week wishes to Elijah!

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