Tuesday 1/26 Update[s]

Tuesday Afternoon 1/26/2021

Our family is so thankful for all of you who continue to pray for more miracles for Ruby. Yesterday she slept the entire day. Her neurosurgeon said it is expected with whatever event she had, coupled with the seizure that we have up-days and not-so-up days.

Yesterday was a not-so-up day (which is hard to watch, we just want our girl back!). I think that the window visit Sunday from all her brothers and sisters must have been exhausting!

Dw was able to bring in her wheelchair yesterday (at the therapist’s request) and he and the nurses were able to put her in it today while I walked around the building with Liberty who had come to visit her baby sister. By the time we got to the window she was sitting fairly well (all things considered) and looking pretty-pleased-as-punch to be back in her chair. She also swallowed a few sips of water from her bottle and a few teeny-tiny bites of applesauce. We were cheering with giddy delight through the window.

An MRI is scheduled for 7pm tonight. There has been a lot of discussion because of the sedation risks with her seizures. Please would you pray with us specifically?

1. Zero sedation complications.

2. No seizures during or after.

3. MRI would reveal all that transpired and that any of evidence of anything that is tucked behind nooks and crannies of her complex head would be brought to light.

4. Comfort and peace for her.

5. Continued progress. Thank you dear friends for loving our miracle-girl, Ruby.

UPDATE Tuesday Night 8:45 PM CHANGES

There were two emergencies that pushed Ruby’s MRI further back. She is sleeping soundly so I asked if we could try without sedation. They are willing although they haven’t come for her yet but should in the next hour or so. Please pray that she will sleep soundly through it. She has had many, many, many MRIs and the sound does not seem to bother her. But it will still be a miracle to have her snooze through it all.

IF that doesn’t work then she will have the sedated in the morning at 5am. Thank you for praying with us. xo

One thought on “Tuesday 1/26 Update[s]

  1. Praying for the specific requests with the update above now. Sending love to Ruby and you in the hospital ❤️

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