One More Update

UPDATE: Wednesday January 27, 2021 6:30pm
It’s been a long day. Ruby tolerated the sedation of the MRI – praise the Lord and thank you for praying.

Her neurologist shared that the MRI had both good news and bad news. The good news: Ruby did not have a stroke. The bad news: They have no idea (at this point) why she has paralysis of her left side and is not able to swallow well.

He was going to talk to Ruby’s neurosurgeon to see his thoughts and decide what the next step would be. (For those who have read Rescuing Ruby, you know what a blessing Dr. Shafron has been since we landed in 2011. He’s our favorite and rumor on the streets is that she’s his favorite too.)
There is one procedure that has not been done, but it does have several risks. We have been talking about this since Day One and at the moment, I do not think it is worth the risks [at all]. We will have Dr.Shafron weigh in and ultimately decide.

Anyway, therapists have been in and out and we are talking about a plan to head home in the next couple of days with Ng tube training for me and all the equipment needed to help ease back to our new-normal at home.
We are all so grateful for all the prayers lifted for our little treasure-girl – please don’t stop. We need some miracles to have our “chatty”, sweet, spunky and loving-life girl back with zero paralysis!

PS I added another photo in but it just goes in with all the others below (peek if you have time). It’s a precious picture of our beautiful miracle girl. What a priceless gift we were given in 2011.

2 thoughts on “One More Update

  1. “Way maker, miracle worker
    Promise keeper, light in the darkness
    My God, that is who You are”
    Prayers continue to ascend ♥️

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