Praying for Afghanistan

As the events in Afghanistan unfold we are all left wondering what we can do? How can we help an already oppressed people who are now in the hands of brutal terrorists? What about the pastors and missionaries there? The underground church? What about our military as well as the other allies of the US? The civilians who helped our military? Their families? What about all those left abruptly behind?

The desperation, terror, devastation, paralyzing fear, all of it – who can even begin to imagine?

What must our response be? What can we do?

Pastors in Afghanistan have issued a dire plea to the church. Josh Manley, a pastor in the UAE, shared that pastors he knows in Afghanistan received letters from the Taliban telling them, “We know where you are, we know what you are doing and we are coming for you.”

Reading the pastor’s words makes my heart race and I am sitting comfortably in our home. I am compelled to do something – we must!

This situation reminds me of the story of Queen Esther and the Jewish people as told in the book of Esther in the Old Testament. A ruthless, hateful man had set out to destroy the Jewish people with a death sentence. Yet God in His great mercy had placed Esther (an orphan!!) in a position as queen where she was able to call her people, the Jews, to a 3 day Fast. They ate nothing but instead humbly prayed asking God to spare their lives. After they fasted Esther was able to appeal to her husband on behalf of the Jews. If you haven’t read the book of Esther recently, do it now!

God moved in a powerful way through the prayer and fasting of the Jews and not only were the Jewish people spared but God permanently removed the hate-filled man Haman.

Is it not possible that God would move on behalf of the Afghan people as God’s people pray and fast on their behalf?

Please join me for a day of Prayer and Fasting for Afghanistan:

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Intercessors for America has specific prayer points in downloadable form here: Pray for Afghanistan.

If you have never Fasted before, this would be a beautiful time to begin – here is a helpful guide: Personal Guide to Fasting

Invite your family, friends, prayer groups, Bible studies and churches to join us. May God move as He did in the book of Esther.

2 thoughts on “Praying for Afghanistan

  1. I am praying! I was brought to tears watching a video this morning of a marine giving water to Afghan children. My heart breaks about so much with Afghanistan and I am praying. I continue to pray for Ruby girl too! I had her in my mind and heart during a prayer healing call last night.

  2. I just saw this!!!
    Perhaps we can extend this to Monday, August 30 as well.
    Or have Labor Day weekend choose a day

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