Yes! She Really Did That!

A few weeks I posted a video of Ruby zipping around herself (pre-stroke) on her new Make-A-Wish cement pad, intentionally rolling into the sprinkler while squealing with delight. Many commented that they had no idea she could do that. Oh friends! She is such a hoot and her joy is contagious and yes, she had accomplished so much mobility (pre-stroke) it was beyond miraculous!

Since I have not shared all Ruby’s accomplishments, the other day something happened that was so spectacular I just had to tell you all.

So…we were attending a wonderful church that was 38 miles (one way from our home) and I had bragged on that church many times! Highlands has a culture of celebrating special needs and is such a beautiful place filled with precious people and they loved us so generously. However being truly involved was nearly impossible with such a drive, our large family and complicated special needs. Yet our kids really wanted to be involved and serve. Prayerfully, we made the painful decision to attend a church closer to our home and we were able to find a wonderful church just 4 miles away and the kids are getting involved.

On our second Sunday the pastor commented that he wanted to find a nurse to walk Ruby so Dw and I could attend service together. In churches without a ministry to special needs Dw and I take turns each Sunday walking outside with her.

Super fun fact: The very second we enter the foyer of the church Ruby starts squealing and I mean squealing loudly! Her enthusiasm is undeniable and the crowd of people all turn, smiling and grinning, “Ruby is in the house!” Everyone at our church loves her joy!

Anyway, there is a precious woman who happens to be a nurse and immediately told our pastor that she would love to walk with Ruby while Dw and I attend service together. The first Sunday Ruby met her, Ruby leaned her head against her, no doubt telling her, “I love you already and I am pretty sure you and I are going to be great friends!” Ruby rarely leans her head against any of us, let alone someone she has just met.

So Ruby and her friend Mary have become good buddies. It’s obvious that Mary loves Ruby and it makes this mama and daddy so very grateful. First, our church rose to meet the need and a tenderhearted nurse responded without hesitation. Oh that people would understand that when you celebrate Ruby and love on her it’s like you’ve “done it” to Jesus. Matthew 25:40

Anyway, after service two weeks ago Mary excitedly told us the following story….she said that she and Ruby had been walking outside for a bit. Feeling ready for some air-conditioning they came into the foyer. There was a woman there who came right up to them. The woman told Mary and Ruby this, “I have never been here before but came with my friend. She’s inside listening to the sermon and she is in a desperate situation. I need to be able to counsel her wisely, would you please pray with me?”

Mary said she has never been super comfortable praying with people and after the woman asked her to pray Mary hesitantly questioned, “You want me to pray with you?” Mary told us that it was clear that Ruby was paying full attention and sensed Mary’s hesitation and Ruby immediately reached up and took Mary’s hand and held it firmly. Then Ruby closed her eyes tightly, quietly waiting for Mary to pray. Mary said that Ruby’s encouragement gave her the courage she needed and so she prayed with the woman. Mary said Ruby held her hand the entire time and kept her eyes shut throughout all of her prayer.

Can you imagine? The 13 month old 6 pound fragile little girl, who medical professionals thought would never do anything – reached up and took Mary’s hand and closed her eyes tightly clearly telling Mary, “I’m with you, I’ll pray with you, come on Mary – let’s just talk to Jesus.”

And some people think Ruby doesn’t talk! Smf.

Only our faithful God!

As I was finishing up typing this Ruby has been patiently sitting here waiting for me. She has been chatting away each time I ask her about the fun things we are going to do for her birthday (today!) so I took a video. Fresh off the press…(I told you she talks all day long!)

Our Miracle-Girl Ruby’s 11 years old Today!

And yes, today is Ruby’s 11th birthday! She is officially a pre-teen. Please leave a note for her…and I will read her each of them! She certainly deserves to be celebrated – our miracle baby girl.

PS The Ng tube had to go back in. Surgery for a G-Tube is set for mid-August.

47 thoughts on “Yes! She Really Did That!

  1. Happy birthday my dear dear Ruby friend! Much love from us in Newfoundland Canada, your fellow CP rockstar Ashley <3

    1. Happy birthday, dearest Ruby! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with your favorite things, your best friends and loving family singing to you!

  2. Happy,happy birthday Ruby.I hope you have a great day! Maybe you will get some cake later.Keep smiling beautiful girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Ruby! I sure wish I could be there to celebrate with you and your family. May you have the BEST year yet!!

  4. Happy birthday Ruby! Your daddy is at Highlands today. He said you may come tomorrow. I hope to wish you happy birthday in person beautiful Ruby. ❀️

  5. Happy birthday Ruby! I can’t believe you are 11 already! Wow! I hope you have a wonderful day! Celebrate big! Emily

  6. Happy birthday sweet Ruby girl! Your family is so lucky to have you in their life! I believe you’ll be zipping around outside in no time!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Ruby! Your smile is such a beautiful thing to see! Enjoy your special treats today!

  8. Happy Birthday little one! You’re getting to be such a big girl. I hope you get lots of ice cream. I love Superman flavored. I know your mama, daddy, siblings, nieces, and nephews will spoil you, as they should!

  9. Oh my little Ruby _ _ _ (you know what nickname I use but I can’t put it out for everyone to know as it’s special to us. ;). We are wishing you the happiest birthday ever to the sweetest girl ever!! Eat lots of ice cream for us!!

    1. Happy Birthday, Ruby!!! It’s okay to have a feeding tube, my son Timmy had one. Then you can eat for fun, and yucky medicines go down the tube!!πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‚

  10. Happy, happy birthday to Ruby! πŸ₯³β€οΈπŸŒˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ’πŸŒ»πŸŒΊπŸ’•πŸ’—

  11. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! You are SO loved! You have grown so much since you were that itty bitty baby I met in Uganda, but you are just as beautiful. I hope you have fun celebrating today. ❀️❀️❀️

  12. Dear precious Ruby – happy happy birthday, sweet girl! What a joy and encouragement you are!! I can’t wait to meet you when all of us who love Jesus get to heaven!! That will be so amazing! You have a super day and enjoy your ice cream!! Jesus loves you and so do I!

  13. Happy Birthday beautiful Ruby!
    I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.
    Thank you so much for encouraging Mary to pray.
    You are an amazing and very special child of god.
    Thank you for encouraging me!!
    Love, Krystena (Newcastle, Australia) my

  14. Oh Ruby!!! I can’t believe you are 11 already. You are such a beautiful and sweet young lady and this latest post has me crying buckets!!! JaJa told us that you are coming to see us tomorrow snd I cannot wait. We love you so much snd wish you the most wonderful birthday! Love, Pam, Mike and Morgan Foster….ps Morgan was smiling so big when he saw this video of his friend Ruby! ❀️

  15. Happy Birthday, Ruby! You are such a blessing to your family and everyone who prays for you! Wishing you a wonderful day, and I hope you enjoyed your frozen yogurt!!

  16. Happy happy birthday, sweet Ruby! You are such a blessing from God to so many people. Keep smiling….you make us smile. And again Happy 11th birthday , sweet child of God.

    1. Happy 11th birthday Ruby!!! You are such a beautiful, smart young lady!! Sounds like the joy you exude is contagious… others can sense the love of Jesus through you!! Keep smiling and shining Christ’s love for all to see!! Sending love from western PA! Blessings to you!

  17. Happy happy birthday dear Ruby! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves you so very much and is using you to touch many hearts for Him. Enjoy your day sweet young lady ❀️ Maybe we will have ice cream tonight too to celebrate you🀩

  18. Oh Ruby,
    Happy Happy Birthday from Kentucky. I’m sitting on the deck smiling as I remember how much you enjoyed rolling around about here. Please come back and visit us soon!!
    Love you (AND the rest of your sweet family)

  19. Happy Birthday, beautiful Princess Ruby. I cannot believe your 11 already, wow!! Praying Gods many blessings over you. Love your beautiful smile.

  20. Happy 11th Birthday! Praying for a great day and blessings for the upcoming year! So grateful for being with you and your family twice during your visits to Indiana. Hoping there will be another visit soon! You are such a blessing as is your family. Celebrate big!! Wondering what you picked for your birthday breakfast?!?!

  21. Ruby!! You are the best prayer partner ever! We love you and love the way you praise Jesus and worship Him. You are such an amazing singer and sister. I love your smile so much, we love you and Happy Birthday. You are so grown up now! Love, Kurt and Jac Bjorkman πŸ™‚

  22. Happy 11th birthday, Ruby girl! I have been praying for you. Today I was telling my mom some of your story, and how totally amazing you are. She was in awe of who God has made you to be. I think we all are. Sending you much love on your birthday!

    Jenny and Maddie

    1. Ruby! No way! You’re 11 years old? Wow! How did you grow so fast? Jesus made you so beautiful too! You look so pretty in your Birthday outfit! I love to hear you talk with your mom! I love your big, beautiful smile! I hope you loved ALL your presents, and got your yummy ice cream (frozen yogurt)!
      I’m sure you had a fun day with your brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad, Gus, and I bet you had some visitors too!
      You are My Sunshine Girl! Jesus loves you and so do I!
      Happy 11th Birthday, Miss Sunshine!
      Miss Cheryl.

  23. Happy Birthday Ruby. I have been praying for you and learned I will be seeing you tomorrow at VBX! I cannot wait to see you. Thank you for sharing Birdie with me this week. We have started a friendship that I will cherish just like ours. Love you beautiful girl.


  24. Happy Birthday, Ruby! Saying a special prayer for you…for lots of blessings for you and your family! πŸ™‚

  25. First of all, Ruby, you look very pretty in that yellow top in the pictures. Secondly, I don’t know how you are 11 already-seriously, how? I know how much joy you bring on the daily to each and everyone you meet-you are a gift. Alos, I hope you get lots of yummy gluten-free cake for your birthday today! Happy happy!

  26. Happy birthday, Ruby!!!! This video was such a joy to watch–the best word to describe you is radiant! Your smile is so beautiful and you exude so much joy! I’ve mostly stalked on the blog, haha, but I wanted to peek my head out to wish you the very happiest of birthdays, beautiful girl! Hope your day was wonderful!

  27. Happy birthday, sweet Ruby!! Praying you are continually filled with the joy of Jesus! Love your sunshine yellow outfit! It matches your personality!! β˜€οΈ

  28. Happy Birthday Ruby!!! I love hearing you sing!! Your smile is gorgeous and always lifts my spirit. Jesus loves you sweet girl. I hope your family will give you a HUGE hug from me!

    Love you

  29. Happy Birthday, precious Ruby! You are a blessing to so many! God bless you with many, many more birthdays. πŸ’•

  30. Ruby girl you are awesome. I’m sad I don’t get to see you and your sweet family this summer. Keep on smiling and spreading joy. You are loved!

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