Could it really be SIX years since Liberty and I landed with John and Birdie? It’s impossible to remember life pre-John-and-Birdie as the seasons have each woven together. I am so grateful they are home – we needed them as much as they needed us.

John has some very exciting news that I will share soon. He also is finishing up high school and working toward his GED. He is such a treasure and all who meet him marvel at how good his English is considering it is his second language. His attitude is always so joyful – something that also makes people stop and notice. He’s an amazing son and I am so proud of him.

Such a wonderful Christmas!

Birdie Bonnie is finding her voice and is learning to make some sentences. It is so stinkin’ fun to have her talking. She loves our dog, Gus, and calls him “Suss”. It’s the cutest. Her favorite thing in the whole world is pretending she is also a dog and she follows him around on all fours. Gus is not sure what to make of that but he clearly loves her very much. Although I’m pretty sure he’s thinking, “Dudette, IF *I* could walk, I would never again be down on all fours! What part of my life are you thinking is ‘funner’ then yours?”

In fact one morning I was up in the dark to make a cup of coffee before spending time with the Lord. I heard a wee noise and looked. At some point in the night Birdie had come out of her room and crawled in Gus’ kennel with him and had fallen sound asleep. Gus being the gentle giant couldn’t have cared less – he probably enjoyed the company of his little “Suss-lovin’ friend”.

Along the way I have shared some of the bonding struggles that our sweet Birdie has had with me in particular. This past fall she and I had a major breakthrough and my heart couldn’t be more grateful – God hears our cries!

It was so simple, yet the effects have been profound. As usual I was up in the dark getting myself a cup of coffee. Miss Birdie Bonnie is an early bird herself and that particular morning when she came out to the kitchen I whispered, “BOO!” Well that struck her so funny so giggled and giggled and giggled, which in turn I giggled at her giggling! It was adorable how much it made her laugh because she’s not exactly a giggly little girl.

From that day on, many times each and every day she will come to me and say, “BOO!” and, of course, I “BOO!” back, which all makes her grin big time!

It was the breakthrough we needed. Something so benign and silly and yet so life-changing! Only our astoundingly faithful God could use such seemingly insignificant silliness to create a profound breakthrough in the healing of our precious little Birdie’s broken heart.

And this morning sitting on the little loveseat in our room, while keeping an eye on sleeping Ruby, I was reading my Bible by the light from my phone when she came in the room. She curled up and snuggled with me for probably 30 minutes and every little bit I would gently kiss her and whisper, “I love you so much Birdie Bee” to which she often will whisper back, “Boo!”

I’d say we are pretty much “Boo-Buddies”.

Such a treasured gift.

And truly – we needed her as much as she needed us.

5 thoughts on ““Boo!”

  1. This encourages my Momma heart. We have a non verbal down syndrome darling that came to us last year. We were just given a week to make a long term decision for her future when she ages out of fostercare at 21 next year. We decided to pursue an adult adoption even though she isn’t showing signs of attachment yet. We are prayerful with time the healing and love will come. Perfectly timed post to encourage me we are making the right decision. Thank you.

    1. Awww, I love how the Lord works like that Erica! God is good. Birdie didn’t just not like me, she was even mean to me at times. Only prayer and our gracious God has done what only He could do. He is astoundingly faithful. Also, love that have a Ds darlin’ too. xoxo

  2. I look forward to and love each of your posts; but this warms my heart SO MUCH for Birdie, of course ~ but also for YOU, dear Linny, faithful and faith-filled, Child of God❣️ Thanks for your encouraging words!

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