Memorial Box Monday – A New Story

Many of you have written expressing a desire to hear more Memorial Box stories as the Lord has graciously used them to speak hope, faith and expectancy into your life.

The other day Dw, the kids and I were sitting together talking about our Memorial Box stories. It was a lively discussion, full of faith!

Friends who have heard some of our stories over the years have commented that God has done so much for us but they don’t think He has done the same for them. And although it’s true He has done so much for us, I contend that He has done so much for each of them as well!

A couple of years ago I shared one of our simple Memorial Box stories after which a woman wrote expressing that she wished God cared about big things in this world instead of my “stupid” story (my paraphrase because she clearly was very annoyed with me). Ha! I didn’t write her back, yet this lady was totally missing the point!

I share all Memorial Box stories to remind us that He cares about it all. There is nothing teeny-weeny that He doesn’t care about. Nothing! In fact the Bible tells us in I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your cares upon Him, because He cares for you.” He is actively involved in the “little” stuff, which He uses to remind us that IF He cares about the seemingly small, He is definitely a loving God moving on our behalf for our gargantuan cares, concerns and needs.

He is so very kind to each of us!

So here goes sharing one of our short, simple Memorial Box stories which serves as a powerful reminder He cares about it all and He is very aware of our needs!

A few years back the shower chair we had for John broke. How it broke is rather comical…but we’ll just say it was broken beyond repair. Obviously his shower chair is a true need.

After it broke, I mentioned it to the Lord that we would need a new shower chair and asked Him to provide one. At that point I felt the Lord whisper, “I’m bringing you a chair so don’t rush out and buy one.” That evening Dw asked, “Do you want me to run to the store to get a shower chair for John?” I told him that the Lord had whispered that He was providing one and so I was expecting one any day in a rather miraculous way. I hadn’t told anyone about this need.

Guess what happened then? YUP! You know it! Out of the blue, my friend Harmony, texted me and questioned, “Hey is there any chance you need a shower chair?” Oh I just love when God surprises us! I was so giggly. I asked her how in the world she had a shower chair to give away. She texted back that her friend was getting rid of one and we had popped in her mind. She then volunteered to bring it over – she’s always amazing like that!

The thing is God knew our need before I even mentioned it to Him and He was already working it out. And just like that John had a new FREE shower chair!

How can we ever doubt that our loving God cares? Oh friends, if He was working behind the scenes, unbeknownst to us, to provide a much-needed shower chair – would He ever leave us high and dry when it comes to rare diagnoses, a job lost, a house deal that falls through, exploratory surgeries, difficult adoptions, troubled marriages or broken hearts? Nope! Never! He is astoundingly faithful because He loves us so very much!

What are your specific concerns? No matter if they are “tiny” or “enormous”…talk to Him today and watch with expectancy. He will move in ways you never imagined just because He loves you so.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Box Monday – A New Story

  1. Love this! And love you guys and your example of diligently seeking God in faith and encouraging us to do the same. He wants to bless us so much more if we will just go to him in prayer and fasting, believing He will do what is best for our good and His glory!! And I’m thankful that Dwight has worked things out so that you can share with us more often! ❣️

  2. A new memorial box story! 🙌🏽 What a blessing to read. Such a sweet reminder that He cares for our every need. Love you my friend

  3. Awesome story and awesome idea to document and pass on stories of the great things God does for us!!!

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