Pulling The Sucker Out, She Leaned Toward Her and Whispered…

Last month our church hosted a Special Needs Resource Fair. Although Dw was out of town, some of my girls and I were able to go. Everything our church does, is done with excellence and the Resource Fair was no exception. We loved it. There were many, many vendors – all there to support and encourage parents who have children with special needs.

While Ruby, Jubilee and I were slowly browsing and chatting with vendors, Elizabeth had continued walking with Birdie. After we were in the car Elizabeth told me what Birdie had done when they had wandered ahead. Since we have giggled about it for weeks now, I thought we should share for your enjoyment as well.

As the story goes…

Elizabeth and Birdie were walking along when a kind lady behind a table offered Birdie a sucker. Birdie reached for the sucker, which Beth unwrapped and handed back to Birdie who promptly popped it in her mouth.

It was then that the lady leaned a bit over the table and spoke something sweet to Birdie. Birdie leaned toward her and taking the sucker out of her mouth she quietly, almost under her breath and in her very deep monotone little voice said, “You time out!”

The lady turned to Elizabeth and questioned, “What did she say?”. Elizabeth was too embarrassed to tell the kind lady that her little sister, whom she had just given a sucker to, had told her to go to Time Out! Ha!

So Elizabeth just turned to Birdie and suggested, “Birdie, don’t you want to tell her ‘Thank you’ for the sucker?” And seemingly at Beth’s suggestion Birdie leaned toward the lady and taking her sucker out once more whispered, “You time out!”

2 thoughts on “Pulling The Sucker Out, She Leaned Toward Her and Whispered…

  1. I would of laughed if she told me I was in time out. 🤣 What a cutie with a joyous smile! The LORD is continuing to heal her young heart so much!

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