Please Pray for Nehemiah

For all of you who are not on FB, I’m sharing below what I posted on FB late last night:

Any friends out there still awake? Please….we could use your prayers.

Tuesday night our Nehemiah returned from serving for almost 3 months at The Gem with Emma and Josh. Nehemiah loved being there as much as they loved having him. He’s an amazing young man.

While there he had a bike accident and although the wound seemed to be healing, suddenly, tonight it is very angry looking, infected and there are two streaks going from the palm of his hand to his arm pit. I definitely panicked when I saw those two distinct red streaks going straight up his arm!

Dw took him immediately to the ER. The ER docs were also very concerned, they did some testing and then admitted him because he must be on IV antibiotics due to the severity of the infection.

Nehemiah will also be having surgery (which is now today, Sunday) in the morning to see what is going on in his hand. Please join us in praying for wisdom for the doctors, peace for Nehemiah and complete healing.

Picture is from the day before he left for Uganda…I took him to breakfast to spend some time alone with him. He’s such a precious gift to all who know him.

4 thoughts on “Please Pray for Nehemiah

  1. I’m seeing this after his scheduled surgery time on Sunday, but I am still praying!

    Thank You Lord for Nehemiah and his servant heart. Thank You for bringing him home just in time. You are rescuing in the 11th hour and bringing healing that will alone give You the glory! Guide the doctors and specialists in Your perfect wisdom. Pour down Your comfort, surround and submerge in Your peace. Thank You for bringing Your healing touch as only You can. Use Nehemiah and this family who are precious to You as a testimony of Your grace to those they encounter. Nehemiah will be building a memorial box all of his own with this story of Your faithfulness. You are the God that saves and brings healing from the inside out. To You alone be Nehemiah’s praise. In Jesus name. Amen.

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